Franco-German Fellowship Programme on Climate, Energy, and Earth System Research (Make Our Planet Great Again – German Research Initiative, MOPGA-GRI)


The clock is ticking – the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement have made clear what needs to change. But many aspects of the climate change are still unexplored. With the new programme international researchers are now given the opportunity to explore these questions from the fields of climate change, energy transition and earth system research at German universities and research institutions.


The programme, designed by the Federal German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and implemented by the DAAD, traces back to an initiative taken by the French president Emmanuel Macron. With their commitment both countries support the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement which are recognized as an urgent global challenge. The projects are carried out between the 1st May 2018 and the 31st December 2022. In this period the research groups can dispose of a budget of up to 1 Mio. EUR (Junior Researcher) or 1.5 Mio. EUR (Senior Researcher).

Programme Objectives

  • To allow international researchers to do top-level research related to the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement at German institutions
  • To contribute to a sustainable networking among the researchers and thus to strengthen international research in the fields of climate change, energy transition and earth system research (French-German conferences and local meetings)
  • To support policy makers in their climate-related decisions by providing application-oriented and innovative new research results
  • To give an impulse at an international level for taking on responsibility for global developments which require an instant need for action
  • To strengthen German and French universities and research institutions and to intensify the collaboration between Germany and France in the field of science

Funded Projects and participating partners


30 September / 1 October 2019:

Kick-off-conference in Paris on 01.10. with Networking event the day before the conference

15/16 April 2019:

International workshop "Climate change, reactive nitrogen, food security and sustainable agriculture" hosted by our fellow Dr Clemens Scheer in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

11/12 October 2018:

Kick-off-Meeting with the selected researchers and the representatives from the respective host-institutions in Königswinter, Germany


German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
P13 Research and Internationalisation, University Networks

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Dr. Alexandra Okhrimenko
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