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„Research in Germany“ at the HPC Training Course of The Pan-African Soil Challenge (PASCAL) Project

The “Research in Germany”- team takes part at the Terrestrial Modelling and High-Performance Scientific Computing Course which takes place from November 24th to 28th, 2018 within the framework of the PASCAL (The Pan-African Soil Challenge) project.

At a side event the director of the DAAD-Information Center in Accra, Ms. Lena Leumer, will present Germany as a country in which research is conducted on an excellent scientific level.

This event is the best opportunity for you and the participants of the training course to learn about the many choices of an academic career (doctoral, junior researcher, postdoctoral, visiting scientist amongst others) in Germany.

You will find out more about:
PhD programmes – discover the different paths to achieving their goal
Grant programmes – find out how they can apply for and receive grants
Funding opportunities - the good news is there are several options available in the German research environment
Practical advice – all they need to know about moving to and living in Germany