Students at Risk - Hilde Domin Programme

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The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) administers the scholarship programme “Hilde Domin Programme” with funds from the Federal Foreign Office (AA). The programme serves to support students and doctoral candidates from across the globe, who are at risk of being formally or de facto denied educational or other rights in their country of origin, and to provide these students and doctoral candidates with an opportunity to begin or complete a study or research degree at a higher education institution in Germany. Students and doctoral candidates nominated and accepted under the programme will be enrolled in degree courses of any personal subject choice and according to individual qualifications and receive a scholarship sufficient to cover the necessary costs incurred in the course of their study resp. research stay.

The long-term goal of the scholarship programme is to enable students and doctoral candidates to complete their higher education studies resp. research project in a secure environment, in order to be able to contribute towards meaningful political, economic as well as social development in their countries of origin (respectively in Germany or third countries) upon completion of their studies in Germany. All beneficiaries of the scholarship programme will further be qualified in an accompanying interdisciplinary programme, in order to enhance the prospects of a free development of their personality and their contributions towards society.

You have to be able to walk away and still be like a tree. As if the root remained in the ground, as if the landscape moved and we stood firm. You have to hold your breath until the wind dies down and the foreign air begins to circle around us. Until the play of light and shadow, of green and blue shows the old patterns and we are at home wherever it is and can sit down and lean back as if against our mother’s grave. (Hilde Domin)


Programme launch

To mark the start of the programme on 14 April 2021, Federal Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, and DAAD President, Prof Dr Joybrato Mukherjee, each expressed a few personal words in a video statement.

The video statement of the Federal Foreign Minister can be found .

The video statement of the DAAD President can be found .

The nomination and selection procedure

Potential candidates cannot themselves apply for participation in the Hilde Domin Programme, but are nominated by the management (presidiums/rectorates) of an institution that is a legal entity domiciled in Germany. All nominations shall formally be made by respective nominating institutions and organisations who are requested to submit the Nomination Form given to them by the DAAD.
Thereafter, on the basis of an initial plausibility check, suitable candidates will be contacted by the DAAD and invited to apply via the DAAD online application portal. The application documents submitted by the candidates are then verified by the DAAD for completeness and formal correctness. 
The final selection of candidates will be carried out by independent selection committees appointed by the DAAD. Both the status of risk and academic performance are assessed as part of the selection process.

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