Dr. Zied Haj-Amor

Portrait  Dr. Zied Haj-Amor

Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Fort Hare
South Africa 

Zied Haj-Amor is a research assistant at the Water, Energy and Environment Laboratory, Sfax University, Tunisia and a postdoctoral fellow at Department of Agronomy, University of Fort Hare, South Africa (scholarship programme: Climate Research for Alumni and Postdocs in Africa, 2020). In his work he focuses on soil and water management under climate change with a specific interest in African regions. His current research project focuses on soil salinization and climate change issues. His current research interests include soil and water management, climate change modeling, and geographic information systems (GIS).

Climate change interests

  • Modeling for better soil and water management under climate change
  • Soil salinization and climate change
  • Agricultural water management and climate change
  • Sustainable agriculture  under climate change

Publications (most recent)

Haj-Amor Z, Dhaouadi L, Bouri S (2020). Impacts of climate change on irrigation water requirement of date palms under future salinity trend in coastal aquifer of Tunisian oasis. Agricultural Water Management

Haj-Amor Z, Dhaouadi L, Bouri S (2020). Date Palm Irrigation in Tunisian Oases: Performance, Effects, and Adaptation Strategies to Future Climate Change. Chapter book, in: Date Palm: Composition, Cultivation and Uses. Nova Science Publisher 

Haj-Amor Z, Bouri S (2020). Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Soil and Water Management. A book. CRC Press

I participate at climapAfrica because

It is a great opportunity for developing the suitable tools to assess soil salinization and climate change issues in South Africa and for suggesting the optimal adaption strategies.