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    The DAAD's (German Academic Exchange Service) climapAfrica - Climate research Alumni and Postdocs in Africa - program aims to foster application- oriented research results to address the consequences of climate change in southern and western Africa.  

    The centerpiece of the climapAfrica program are thematic climapAfrica working groups. They are composed by climapAfrica postdoctoral fellows and alumni experts of German funding initiatives with expertise in the relevant research areas.

    Over 100 experts from 25 African countries are engaging across the working groups to build platforms for exchange of knowledge, skills and ideas and to promote the visibility, recognition and utilization of climate change knowledge. Activities include training and capacity-building measures, networking, expert talks, co-production of knowledge and collaboration on research proposals.

    Recently the climapAfrica working group on "" has been established and is now seeking new Alumni expert members to join its activities.

    Deadline is November 09th 2020.

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    Note: Currently there is no call for climapAfrica Postdoc Fellowships open.

    The next call for applications for climapAfrica Postdoc Fellowships is from:

    14th of December 2020 - 15th of February 2021. 

    Please note, that funding of the 4th scholarship cohort will start on 1st July 2021 and end on 31st January 2023 and is limited for a maximum of 19 months


    The DAAD climapAfrica program in cooperation with the climate competence centers SASSCAL and WASCAL aims to foster application- oriented research results to tackle climate change in southern and western Africa.
    The program funds postdoctoral research projects and offers a platform for collaboration in thematic working groups composed of postdoctoral fellows and African alumni of German funding initiatives with expertise in the field of climate research.

    Fellows and Alumni experts will increase their research impact and output through a comprehensive training and support program, including general skills training, science policy advising and science management. The working groups serve as a platform to connect with peers, regional and international experts and practitioners and to build a growing professional network across Africa. 

    The call for applications on 

    Find more information about the climapAfrica program on this website, or .

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    The call for the 2nd cohort of the climapAfrica Fellowship had attracted qualified applicants from 21 African countries (Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Namibia, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Ruanda, Senegal, South Africa, Togo, Zambia, and Zimbabwe).

    On May 6th, a selection committee composed of German experts in the field of climate change research in the presence of the program partners WASCAL and SASSCAL, have selected 19 highly qualified postdocs as the 2nd cohort of climapAfrica postdoc fellows.

    The 2nd cohort of climapAfrica postdoc fellows comes from Ghana (5), Angola (2), Nigeria (3), Burkina Faso (1), Benin (1), Mali (1), Kenia (1), Namibia (1), Zambia (2), Zimbabwe (1), and South Africa (1).