Climate Change Networking Tour

iDiv Leipzig

Under the motto of "Understanding and Tackling Climate Change – Together!" the DAAD invites advanced doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers from Africa to join us for an information tour to meet colleagues at renowned institutions for climate change research in Germany.

The DAAD’s Postdoctoral Researchers Networking Tour is designed to bring together German and international researchers in a specific research area, foster the exchange of ideas, and harness collaborations.

The 6th IPCC Assessment Report shows that while most African countries have contributed among the least to global greenhouse gas emissions, they are suffering widespread losses and damages from climate change. As a result of a lack of weather observations, research equipment and capacities, and data sharing, it is difficult to analyse regional changes, study climate impact and extreme event attribution and develop early warning systems. In addition, the large dimensions of the continent and the heterogeneity of climate, agricultural use, and economic situation will result in complex patterns of climate change effects and corresponding mitigation efforts. Germany can contribute comprehensive expertise in climate research as well as an excellent research infrastructure. To support the development of solutions for the diverse regional challenges, close and respectful collaboration with African partners is an important building block. Initiating this collaboration in specific fields of research is the objective of the 2022 Postdoctoral Researchers Networking Tour.

Participants will get 

  • An overview of Germany’s higher education and research systems 
  • An update on current developments, and innovative projects in the respective research areas
  • The opportunity for a mutual exchange of current research results, and
  • Information on funding opportunities for academic exchange, institutional and individual collaborations

Apply now

Applicants are required to

1. Complete this survey, and

2. to submit the requested PDF-files by Tuesday, June 7th 11.59 pm (UTC +2/CEST)

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