Sustainability news

Sustainability news

  • solarpanels Mexico - Link will open in new window.

    DAAD Regional Office Mexico: Solar cells on the roof

    The DAAD Regional Office in Mexico City has switched to a sustainable power supply. The Project was incorporated as a pilot initiative as part of an overall structural project to improve sustainability management throughout the DAAD as a whole.

  • Alumnisonderprojekt Biofach - Link will open in new window.

    BIOFACH 2021 Alumni Special Project

    Learning together and establishing valuable contacts at a trade fair: BIOFACH 2021 was the first DAAD Alumni Special Project to be held as a fully virtual format. Researchers and executives from the global south speak about the experience.

  • Tracks with points

    Sustainable Mobility

    How can we adapt internationalisation of higher education and science to the goals of climate protection? The DAAD therefore discusses pathways to sustainable academic mobility.

  • DIWH City and climate - Link will open in new window.

    Sustainable cities

    The future will be decided in metropolises: Cities and Climate is the annual focus topic of the German Centres for Research and Innovation (DWIH).

  • education for future - Link will open in new window.

    Education for the future

    UNESCO is offering a series of virtual workshops in the run-up to its World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in May 2021.

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