The Dhoch3 programme

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Dhoch3 is a funding programme by which the DAAD and its partners developed an offering to enhance the academic training of future teachers of German at higher education institutions outside of Germany.

Each module is devoted to a specific topic, and all modules are made available free of charge to interested higher education institutions outside of Germany via an online platform. Our main aim with this programme is to create an offering that complements and can be integrated optimally into existing structures and degree programmes at foreign universities and moreover provides stimuli for the development of new courses of study.


The modules are characterised by a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. In terms of their themes they focus on current, globally observable trends such as the increasing interest in German in professional contexts and the growing demand for study-integrated German lessons. They thus contribute significantly to demand-oriented training for future school and university teachers of German. At the same time they integrate current scientific findings and reflect the state of research in the field of German as a foreign language, and as blended learning offerings moreover promote digitalisation in higher education in this field.

Target group

Dhoch3 is aimed at university teachers and Master-level students at universities outside of Germany, focusing mainly on locations where degree programmes to train teachers of German are currently being established or where there is significant interest in course content in the fields of methodology and didactics, specialised and professional communications, or study-integrated GFL lessons.

Module development

The modules are developed at German higher education institutions by experts in German as a foreign language. The programme currently comprises eight authoring teams that are each working on one themed module. More information on the authors and the content of each module can be found in the following overview. The project is supervised by a scientific advisory council that is also comprised of experts in the field.

Registration and use

Users can register on the Dhoch3 Moodle platform at . You will initially be given guest access, which will allow you to gain an overview of all modules and content and make use of the available materials. If you would like to edit or expand the existing materials to better suit your context, we will be happy to set up a local virtual classroom for you within the Dhoch3 Moodle. You find the respective form on the moodle platform.