Outreach Workshops

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    Our workshop "Hands-On Metadata - Interoperable Metadata for Networked Educational Infrastructures" will take place in Berlin on 7 and 8 May. Together with Manuel Oellers and Steffen Rörtgen, we want to present the Kompendium: Didaktische Metadaten and discuss how existing digital educational infrastructures can be efficiently connected with each other to ensure their interoperability and connectivity in a networked educational space.

    To this end, researchers, practitioners and experts at the interface between education and technology will come together to discuss the possibilities for the thematic further development of the compendium, but also to get involved in practice. In addition to the technical discussion, we will therefore devote ourselves to concrete questions and exercises in a "hands-on" part, which will deal with the creation of controlled vocabularies as well as the open and connectable provision of data for other services (reference centres, educational space).


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    On 17 May, we are organising a workshop on "Governance of digital education infrastructures: findings and discussions from the BIRD project" in Berlin. The responsibility for educational content and infrastructures, which is shared between the federal states and the federal government, brings with it new challenges. Against this background, we would like to present the results of our research work to date as part of the BIRD project and discuss them with researchers and practitioners in the field of digital education: Which dimensions need to be addressed regarding the governance of digital infrastructures for education? Who are important stakeholders and what positions and expectations do they formulate? Which governance models are applicable and which concrete structures could emerge from them?

  • Digital Education Regulars Speaker Hanna Nordlund

    23 May 2024. Finland is currently developing a national digital service platform for all its 38 Higher Education Institutions. How does one implement such a platform with diverse actors through equal and open decision-making and what governance dimensions need to be considered? What challenges are faced and can these be overcome by supporting change management within each institution? Find out at our next Digital Education Regulars on Thursday, May 23rd at 3 p.m. CEST when we will be chatting with Hanna Nordlund about her work as a Programme Director for Digivisio. The programme's aim is to enable flexible learning journeys across the boundaries of higher education institutions and strengthen collaboration by developing new services to support the transition to the future of learning. By 2030 Digivisio aims to produce 1) a national digital service platform, 2) guidance based on digital pedagogy, the learner’s path and shared data and 3) support for change management at HEIs.

    Hanna Nordlund has a diverse background in program and project management, research, and business development and currently works as a Programme Director for Digivisio. She is responsible for ensuring that the project progresses towards the objectives jointly defined by the higher education institutions and manages the project office. Previously Hanna worked on the digital transformation within the health and social services sector and carried out various change and project management tasks. She has also worked as a researcher, which is why higher education, learning and evidence-based knowledge are close to her heart. Hanna's expertise spans across multiple organizations including the CSC - IT Center for Science, SoteDigi Oy, Espoon kaupunki, and Helsinki University of Technology.

    If you are interested in attending, please register via this link.

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