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Industrial Engineering, Department

Hochschulübergreifender Studiengang Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg

Hochschulübergreifender Studiengang Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
Ulmenliet 20
D-21033 Hamburg
Telephone: +49 40 42875-6053

HAW Hamburg
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Courses offered in cooperation with Universität Hamburg and Helmut-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg
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Basic information

Total number of students
Number of master degree students
Percentage of teaching by practitioners
Percentage of teaching by practitioners, master's

Support during the study entry phase

Total score for support in the study entry phase
10/12 points

Group 1

Results of study

Graduations in appropriate time, undergraduate degrees

Group 2

Graduations in appropriate time, master's

Group 2

International orientation

International orientation, bachelor's
no data
Not specified
International orientation, master's
1/13 points

Group 3

Outgoing students
no data

Job market- and career-orientation

Contact with work environment, bachelor's
6 points

Group 2

Contact with work environment, master's
3 points

Group 3

Bachelor theses in cooperation with work environment
Master theses in cooperation with work environment
Share of professors with work experience

Students' assessments on undergraduate, presence-learning-courses

Teacher support
no data
Not specified
Support in studies
no data
Not specified
Courses offered
no data
Not specified
Study organisation
no data
Not specified
no data
Not specified
Job market preparation
no data
Not specified
Support during practical semester
no data
Not specified
Support for stays abroad
no data
Not specified
no data
Not specified
no data
Not specified
no data
Not specified
no data
Not specified
Overall study situation
no data
Not specified

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Special features regarding teaching

Industrial Engineering (HWI Hamburg) is academic and "cross-university" in nature. It uniquely combines the excellent economic expertise of university research with the outstanding practical networking of the engineering disciplines at the HAW HH and the HSU. Students experience these three different university cultures in their Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

Special features regarding the equipment

HWI has access to the resources of the Business Administration department of UHH, Life Sciences at HAW and Mechanical Engineering at HSU. These include three libraries, three e-learning portals, computer rooms such as laboratories, learning and seminar rooms at each location.

Special features regarding research and development

HWI students are integrated via their final theses into current research projects of the Business Administration department of UHH, Life Sciences at HAW and Mechanical Engineering at HSU. You are therefore exceptionally free to choose the subject area based on personal interests.

Other special features

HWI courses (B. Sc. and M. Sc.) are characterised by an extremely active student body. An association bundles all student activities: Sports events, mentoring and coaching programs, organisation of the graduation ball, national and international professional associations and networks, alumni work and student management consultancy.

Further information on research activities

Further information about study entry phase



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(S) = Students' judgements

(F) = Facts

(P) = Professors' judgements

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