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Civil and Environmental Engineering, Course of study

Environmental Engineering - Sustainable Urban Planning (B.Eng.)

General facts

Type of degree course
presence learning programme with detailed practice
Standard period of study
7 semesters
Total credits
Teaching profile
no data
Subject orientation
Environmental Civil Engineering
Practical elements in the degree course
12 weeks practice/internship outside the university obligatory; 15 ECTS max. permissible for non-obligatory internships
no mandatory excursions

Students and graduations

Number of students
First-year students per year
Graduates per year
Graduations in appropriate time
no data
Study duration (median)
7.9 semesters
Gender balance
67:33 [%m:%f]

International orientation

Proportion of international students
1 %
Share of foreign language courses
no data
Mandatory study period abroad
not scheduled
Combined study programme with foreign HEI
International orientation: Studies abroad
1/4 points
International orientation: Students mobility
0/2 points
International orientation: Share in foreign language
0/3 points
International orientation of the degree course
1/9 points

Job market- and career-orientation

Contact with work environment: Internships
4/4 points
Contact with work environment: Case studies
0/3 points
Contact with work environment: External staff members
0/2 points
Contact with work environment: Theses in cooperation with work environment
1/2 points
Contact with work environment: Excursions
0/1 points
Contact with work environment
5/12 points

Profile of the degree course

top group
middle group
bottom group
not specified
(S) = Students' judgements
(F) = Facts
(P) = Professors' judgements
Last Update 2019: Data collected by the CHE Center for Higher Education