The Doctoral Studies Program “History and Cultural Studies (HCS)” is offering up to 10 study places at the Freie Universität Berlin.PhD - Individual Supervisor

  • English, German

    Working Language

  • Berlin


  • 15 Nov 2023

    Application Deadline

  • 01 Oct 2024

    Starting Date


Open Positions


Time Span

01 Oct 2024 for 3 years

Application Deadline

15 Nov 2023



Type of Position

PhD - Individual Supervisor

Working Language
  • English
  • German
Required Degree
  • Magister
  • Master
Areas of study

African Philologies, African Studies, Pre-Columbian American Philologies, Pre-Columbian American Studies, Greek Studies, Celtic Studies, Latin Studies, American Studies, English Studies, Archive Studies, Library Science, Book Science, Documentation Science, Information Science, Museum Studies, Anthropology, Ethnology, European Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology, Social Anthropology, Folkloristics, German as a Foreign Language, Frisian, German Studies, Low German, Dutch Studies, Nordic Philology, Miscellaneous, Nordic Studies, Scandinavian Studies, Ancient History, Ancient Studies, Ancient Oriental Studies, Archaeology, Byzantine Studies, Protohistory, History, Mediaeval History, Early Modern History, Modern History, Prehistory, Economic History, Social History, History of Science, Egyptology, Ancient, Indo-European Studies, Journalism, Communication Studies, Online Media, Publishing Studies, Intercultural Studies, Culture and Technology, Cultural History, Cultural Studies, Media Culture, Digital Media, Media Studies, Multimedia, Albanian Studies, Baltic Studies, Finnish Studies, Hungarian Studies, Caucasian Studies, Modern Greek Studies, Uralic Studies, Arabic Studies, Indology, Iranian Studies, Persian, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, Oriental Studies, Semitic Studies, Turkology, Turkish, Egyptology, Modern, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, East Asian Studies, Southeast Asian Philologies, Chinese Studies, Central Asian Philologies, Ethics, Logics, Philosophy, Asian Studies, Australia and Oceania, European Studies, Islamic Studies, Latin American Studies, North American Studies, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romance Philology, Miscellaneous, Romance Studies, Spanish, East Slavic Studies, Polish, Russian, Slavic Studies, South Slavic Studies, West Slavic Studies, General Literary Studies, General Linguistic Science, Computational Linguistics, Interpreting, Linguistics, Literary Writing, Phonetics, Rhetoric, Speech Science, Comparative Literary Studies, Comparative Linguistics, Translation



Are you interested in a structured doctoral studies program in Cultural Studies at Freie Universität?  Then apply to the Department of History and Cultural Studies. The next call for applications ends on 15 November 2023. For more information about the application requirements, the selection process, and contact persons, please visit:

Required Documents

Required Documents
  • Letter of Motivation
  • CV
  • Reports, certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Research Proposal
  • List of Publication
  • Work sample, project timeline, one recommendation letter
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