Conceptual Development and Organisational Structures in Juvenile Welfarefull time

  • Master of Arts


  • 4 semesters

    Standard period of study (amount)

  • Münster


  • July 2024 (Germans and inhabitants)

Overview and admission

Study Type


Admission semester

Winter Semester only

Area of study

Social Work


Concept Development, Organisational Design

Target group

* Graduates of previous Diploma courses in Social Work / Social Education, * Graduates of Bachelor’s courses or comparable degrees who want to engage in scientific research on key issues of youth welfare.

Admission modus

selection by the HEI

Admission requirements

An examination to assess a course related aptitude has to be taken. Applications are directly to the department. The application deadline for the following winter semester is 15.07. A first recognised professionally qualifying degree (with a standard period of study of at least 6 semesters) in the social sciences field with an overall grade of "good" (2.3) or better A first professionally qualifying degree in the social sciences field may exceptionally not be required if proof can be provided that the first professionally qualifying degree was completed with a particularly relevant academic focus or an outstanding relevant thesis, or if evidence of relevant and qualified professional experience of several years is available. The department is responsible for making the necessary assessments.

Lecture period
  • 19.09.2022 - 03.02.2023
  • 21.03.2022 - 15.07.2022

Application deadlines

Winter semester (2022/2023)
  • Deadlines for International Students from the European Union

    like German applicants

  • Deadlines for international students from countries that are not members of the European Union

    as German applicants Exception: for Master’s programmes in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering, 31.05.

  • Application deadline for Germans and inhabitants

    17.05.2024 - 15.07.2024

  • Enrollment deadline for Germans and foreign students

    15.09.2024 (Universitywide deadline)

Languages of instruction

Main language


DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst - German Academic Exchange Service