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  • 6 semesters

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  • Stuttgart


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Summer and Winter Semester

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  • Business Administration
  • Accounting, Taxation, Controlling

Marketing Management, Business Administration, Human Resources and Staff Management, Business Mathematics, Statistics, Controlling, Accounting, Tax


Financial markets are one of the most dynamic areas of the economy and require increasingly stringent regulations as well as complex financing and investment models. The degree course in Business Administration, Accounting and Taxation prepares its specialists for the requirements by teaching them which key figures, functionalities and regulations are important and how to develop sustainable financial strategies from them. The students always have a global view of what is going on. Financial and investment decisions or controlling are important tasks in business that require a great deal of expertise and experience. Our degree course in Business Administration, Accounting and Taxation prepares you optimally for responsible positions as a specialist and manager in the international finance and business sector. Balance sheet accountants examined by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) who have obtained their academic degrees in accordance with the 1990 examination regulations are credited with 70 ECTS. 90 ECTS will be credited with the 2007 examination regulations and the current 2016 examination regulations! By the way: as a student of this distance learning course, you will be able to participate in a three-week study session in Sacramento: the <a href="" target="_blank">California Campus Program</a>!

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open admission

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Admission requirements

School-leaving certificate giving right of entry to higher education or entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences. If you do not have a school leaving certificate giving right of entry to higher education or an entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences, you can still study under certain conditions.

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Winter semester (2023/2024)
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    Not applicable

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    Any time

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369.00 EUR / Month

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