General Managementinternational course, full time, International degree

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  • 3 semesters

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Overview and admission

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Admission semester

Summer and Winter Semester

Area of study

Business Administration


Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Company Management, Taxation, Labour Law, Innovation, Finance


Due to the age structure of their founders and successors, medium-sized companies will be increasingly dependent on competent managers in the coming years. Due to the increasing complexity of economic processes, a sound education in the field of global and international business is required. This will result in a disproportionate need for managers in medium-sized companies in the future. But that's not all - large companies are also divided into medium-sized companies via group structures that, as more or less independent business units, have a corresponding need for managers. The knowledge and skills imparted enable you to take a management position in precisely these companies. In addition to a qualified in-depth economic training in theory and practice, you will be in the position to grasp complex relationships and respond appropriately. They will be empowered to take on the core responsibilities of business leaders.

Admission modus

Selection procedure / qualifying examination

Admission requirements (Link)

Area of study

Partner institution: Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Argentine Republic (International degree: Maestría en Administración de Negocios (M.A.))

Admission requirements

A Bachelor's degree in Economics from a university or an academic degree recognised as at least equivalent with at least 210 ECTS credits. The overall grade of the degree should be at least “good”. If a Bachelor's degree comprising less than 210 ECTS credits was gained, a special curriculum is available for acquisition of the lacking credit points. Evidence of sufficient English language proficiency, usually either by means of a TOEFL test or completion of a module of the Bachelor's degree course in English. The module in English can also be a foreign language module. For foreign applicants, proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language is also required.

Lecture period
  • 01.04.2024 - 13.07.2024
  • 14.10.2024 - 08.02.2025

Languages of instruction

Main language


DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst - German Academic Exchange Service