PAN ASEAN Coalition for Epidemic and Outbreak Preparedness (PACE-UP)


The PAN ASEAN Coalition for Epidemic and Outbreak Preparedness is being funded since May 2021 within the DAAD-programme Global Centres for Health and Pandemic Prevention with means of the Federal Foreign Office. 

The project wants to build effective outbreak response capacities and systems for enabling rapid and effective responses to infectious diseases with epidemic or pandemic potential, aligned closely to research and training across all geographical regions in ASEAN countries. The three main pillars of VG-CARE are (i) sustainable education and training (ii) clinical research in the field of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, including epidemiological studies, clinical trials and interventional studies and (iii) improving health and achieving equity in health care through expanded diagnostic capabilities and improved patient care. PACE-UP is a multidisciplinary consortium of 28 partner institutions derived from 5 Asian, 4 European and 11 African countries.


  • Establishment of a PhD-program in experimental medicine and master’s modules
  • South-South and North-South internships and scholarships
  • Development of hands-on training workshops and expert educational seminars for clinical and non-clinical staff as well as research personnel


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