"Lehramt.International" - Consultancy, analysis and policy dialogue (Module C)

Teacher education programmes are both highly complex and diverse in nature. The educational formats and legal requirements vary across the federal states. Stays abroad and international experience are rarely rewarded during a degree’s progression or in terms of professional career development.

To boost international mobility and the international nature of teacher education programmes, we seek to reach out to as many stakeholders as possible: the students themselves, teachers and higher education institutions and, in particular, policymakers at the Ministry of Schools and the Ministry of Innovation, Higher Education and Research in the federal states. This is where programme component C comes into its own, contributing to the attainment of the initiative’s objective via consultancy, networking, analysis and dialogue events:

Media campaign

The campaign "" is designed specifically for teacher training students, who are reached directly via its . Those interested are welcome to a guidance leaflet on stays abroad during teacher training degrees, or one here. The campaign’s ambassadors with (or without) teaching experience attend lectures or information days. You can book these online .

Policy dialogue andresearch

Further, module C comprises measures designed to network political stakeholders and decision-makers. On the basis of an analysis of the structural impediments to mobility in the field of teacher training degrees, regular policy-related dialogue events (involving state ministries, the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK), school authorities, teaching seminars, etc.) will be held, which will initially inform and sensitise, and subsequently also identify specific obstacles to mobility, and develop and implement proposals for their elimination.