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  1. Cover of the Programme African Excellence

    African Excellence – Centres of African Excellence

    The DAAD helps African universities establish centres of excellence, improve the quality of the education they provide, and increase their research capacities.


  2. AIMS Networking event 2020 Group picture

    Higher Education Cooperation with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)

    Higher Education Cooperation between German universities and locations of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) are supported by the DAAD.


  3. Student

    Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (EPOS)

    The EPOS programme offers individual scholarships to participants from developing countries so that they may study development-related postgraduate courses.


  4. group picture, people on stairs in front of an building

    Excellence Centres for Exchange and Development - exceed

    The exceed programme supports the development of competence centres by German universities and their partners in developing countries.


  5. People sitting in front of each other talking.

    Fact Finding Missions

    The Fact Finding Missions programme helps German university lecturers to meet potential cooperation partners in DAC countries.


  6. man and woman looking at a plant

    Global Centres for Climate and Environment as well as for Health and Pandemic Prevention

    Global Centres for Climate and Environment and for Health and Pandemic Prevention


  7. Student smiling into the camera

    Harmonisation, Accreditation and Quality Assurance in African Higher Education (HAQAA2)

    The HAQAA-Initiative is implemented by DAAD and its consortium partners.


  8. Group of listeners

    Higher Education Management (DIES)

    DIES offers measures like training courses, dialogue events, projects and partnerships that foster professionalisation of institutional management processes.


  9. Cropped shot of university students sitting in class 871569792

    Master scholarships for Master students from Sub-Saharan Africa fleeing the war in Ukraine

    Master scholarships for Master students from Sub-Saharan Africa fleeing the war in Ukraine


  10. People sitting in a conference room.

    International Study and Training Partnerships (ISAP)

    International Study and Training Partnerships (ISAP) are institutional cooperative structures between German and international universities.


  11. A young man siitting in front of PC looking into the camera

    Material Resources Programme for Institutions of Higher Education in Developing Countries

    In order to support and strengthen university partnerships, the Material Resources Programme funds equipment university infrastructure in developing countries.


  12. A nurse is talking to a doctor.

    PAGEL – Partnerships for the Health Sector in Developing Countries

    The Partnerships for the Health Sector in Developing Countries (PAGEL) programme supports high-quality training and continuing education opportunities.


  13. Two women are looking at a petri dish in a laboratory.

    Partnerships for Supporting Biodiversity in Developing Countries

    In the last few years, biodiversity issues have steadily increased in importance in the context of the international development agenda.


  14. Fünf Forscher in einem Labor

    Partnerships for sustainable solutions with Sub-Saharan Africa– measures for research and integrated postgraduate education and further training

    Integrated approach to interlinking work on research topics and the implementation of that work in practice with postgraduate education and further training.


  15. A group photo in front of Palms.

    University Programme on Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency in Senegal (PESEREE)

    The aim is to design a more application-oriented joint degree course in renewable energies.


  16. People are sitting at a table, talking.

    Helmut-Schmidt-Programme (Public Policy and Good Governance, PPGG)

    The Helmut-Schmidt-Programme supports future leaders who strive to promote democracy and social justice.


  17. 4 Epos scholarship holder talking to each other

    Re-Invitations for Former Postgraduate Course Scholarship Holders

    The DAAD can invite former foreign scholarship holders of the Development-Related Postgraduate Courses to a study visit in Germany for up to three months.


  18. Network Meeting SDG Graduate Schools 2019

    SDG Graduate Schools

    The programme seeks to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.


  19. International alumni on their way to a trade fair on the university campus.

    SDG Alumni Projects: Knowledge and Practice for Development

    Funding projects by universities and the DAAD for Germany alumni from emerging and developing countries on the topic of "Sustainable Development Goals".


  20. A group photo of people of varying ages.

    Development-Related Seminars - Training Courses for Professionals and Managerial Staff from the Global South

    Development-Related Seminars for professionals and managerial staff from the Global South contribute significantly to the development.


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