Außenblick – International perspectives on Germany in times of the Covid-19 pandemic

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How is Germany viewed by the world? The DAAD, GIZ and Goethe-Institut have addressed this question together in the study “Außenblick – International perspectives on Germany in times of the Covid-19 pandemic”. From the perspective of science, culture, economics and politics. A particular focus of the study is the corona pandemic, which affects all areas.

COVID-19: A turning-point with consequences

Management of the corona pandemic in spring 2020 was to a large extent viewed as efficient and exemplary. This opinion changed in the second wave. A gradual reduction in discipline was observed in the population, as well as problems with sourcing, logistics and organisation in the vaccination campaign. The interviewees felt that the lessons learned from the corona pandemic include the necessity for stronger international cooperation, as well as the importance of a functioning healthcare system and the requirement for an effective crisis management strategy.


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