International Programmes in Germany 2014

General Engineering Science • Hamburg University of Technology • Hamburg

  • Degree Bachelor
    Course language(s) German, English
    English and German
    Admission semester Winter semester only
    Beginning October
    Programme duration Six semesters (three years)
    Application deadline 15 July
    Course content The Hamburg University of Technology - TUHH's international Bachelor's programme General Engineering Science (GES) consists of interdisciplinary basic studies followed by the choice of one of several branches of specialised studies. All the fields in the classical engineering sciences are presented in a single basic course of study. This type of general basic course in engineering science is unique within the German university system. The degree "Bachelor of Science" attained at the TUHH will, of course, entitle students to continue their studies in a corresponding Master's degree course in their selected field. Furthermore, after the Master of Science degree has been awarded, they will have the opportunity to continue their studies towards a doctorate.
    During the first four semesters of the Bachelor's degree, basic knowledge in general engineering science will be taught (basic study stage). Students choose a special major within the next two semesters of specialised studies. There is a wide choice of fields of specialisation.
    In addition to the corresponding programme lectures, there is an independent project including a Bachelor's thesis which is required in the sixth semester.
  • Educational organisation Teaching the methodology and logic of engineering - "learning to think" - is a key aspect of the TUHH studies. Only in this way can one acquire the knowledge to keep pace with rapid technological change. This sound theoretical foundation is rounded off by a well-balanced mixture of practical application in internships, projects and thesis work. It should be noted that students at TUHH are trained to think and decide for themselves, to learn and work independently as well as in international teams representing many different academic, national and cultural backgrounds. TUHH promotes interdisciplinary research, teaching and learning. Students will be integrated into research and development projects at an early stage; this facilitates a smooth transition to working life.
    Study abroad unit(s) As of the academic year 2012/2013 the degree course GES obtains an additional International element by introducing an incorporated stay abroad (GES_Plus module). The programme is aimed at particularly performance-oriented students who wish to arrange a study visit and work placement abroad already during their undergraduate studies. The overall length of study for participants of the GES_Plus module is eight semesters.
    Internships The programme includes an internship of at least ten weeks.
    Forms of assessment Lab reports, seminar presentations, oral and written examinations, project work, Bachelor's thesis
    ECTS credits 190
    Diploma supplement Yes
    Course-related German language courses Yes
    Course objectives The profile of higher engineering education at TUHH focuses on research and application, including practical training in industry. It is characterised by features such as humanism, the Humboldt Principle of unity of research and teaching, and a solid mathematical and scientific foundation. The base of knowledge covers a wide range, and priority is given to knowledge of methodology as opposed to the mere repetition of knowledge. This allows quick adaptation to new fields of technology and new branches of employment. A solid and comprehensive education gives rise to the qualification and personality for a promising professional or academic career.
  • Tuition fees No tuition fees
    Enrolment fees The enrolment fee of approx. 300 EUR per semester includes an administrative fee as well as a contribution to the Students' Union, the student service organisation and the student ticket for public transport in Hamburg.
    Costs of living We recommend that single students budget around 800 EUR per month to meet personal expenses (accommodation, living, health insurance, etc.)
    Job opportunities In principle, there are many opportunities to work part-time as a teaching or research assistant at TUHH. However, such jobs cannot be arranged in advance and from a distance. Since the course schedule is very tight and employment regulations for international students are quite restrictive, students cannot depend on this source of income only.
    Funding opportunities within the university To a limited extent, partial funding in the form of performance-related scholarships, scholarships linked to support work and scholarships for the final phase of the programme is available for international students at TUHH.
  • Language requirements Proficiency in German ("Zertifikat Deutsch" or equivalent). In addition, DSH-2 or TestDaf has to be passed after two semesters at TUHH.

    Proficiency in English (valid TOEFL with a minimum score of 550/213/79, valid IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5, valid Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, valid Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, valid "telc English C1" result or valid "UNIcert English level III" result)
    Required DSH / TestDaF Yes

    Academic requirements - General university entrance qualification ("Abitur") or equivalent
    - Basic proficiency in German (level 'Zertifikat Deutsch' from a recognised institution)
    - TOEFL score at least 550/213/79 or equivalent
    Where to apply Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg
    STUDIS - Studierendenservive / Admission
    and Registration
    Schwarzenbergstraße 95 E
    21073 Hamburg
  • Arrival support The Students' Union, international students' societies and students' tutors offer guidance to newcomers. An orientation and a preparatory German language course will be offered before the start of the programme.
    Services and support for international students Introductory events, special counselling office, accommodation office, tutorials, language courses, sports and social activities
    Accommodation The TUHH accommodation office provides advice and assistance regarding accommodation.
  • Course website www.tuhh.de/alt/tuhh/education/degree-courses/bachelors-programs/general-engineering-science.html
    About the university The Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) was founded 1978 and specialises in the training of engineers. Some 5,700 students are registered at the university; almost one in every five students is of foreign nationality. The city of Hamburg, with its great tradition as a world trading centre and 1.7 million inhabitants, is one of the most vital and significant cities in Germany, and has the country's largest seaport.
    Total number of students 5,700
    Total percentage of international students 16 %
    About the city Germany's second-largest city, Hamburg, is an exciting place to live. It offers its residents close proximity to water and green spaces in combination with the benefits of living in the middle of a pulsating metropolis. Hamburg is one of the most dynamic commercial centres in Europe. Modern services in the logistics, technological and media sectors have taken their place alongside modern industrial production and traditional trade in shaping Hamburg's economy.

    As a global hub for overseas, Central and Eastern Europe and the entire Baltic Sea region, Hamburg benefits from its central position at the heart of Europe's logistical commodity flows. Hamburg is well known as an important place for maritime systems and the shipbuilding industry. The city is one of the most significant centres for the civil aviation industry worldwide.

    In Hamburg, environmental awareness has a long history which will continue on into the future. Today, the Hanseatic city is known as one of the leading centres of research on climate change, the global challenge of our time. The presence of several leading companies makes Hamburg a centre of renewable energy technologies, such as wind-power systems.
    Population 1,700,000
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