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Programme Description

The Erasmus+ individual mobility project is not only aimed at students but also at university teachers and members of staff at higher-education institutions in Germany and other European states. The programme is intended to sponsor mobility of teaching, education and training within 33 European countries, or Erasmus+ programme countries, and in the specified Erasmus+ partner countries around the world. For further information applicants should contact the International Office of their home institution.

Target Group

Erasmus+ mobility activities further individual training and education of all staff at higher-education institutions, be it a trainee or the institution's president or chancellor.
The project offers teaching assignments geared to:

  • professors and other teaching staff who are under contract to the institution of higher education
  • members of scientific staff
  • doctoral candidates active in teaching
  • staff from any international enterprise or organisation (may be invited to teach at a higher-education institution in Germany)

Number of Scholarships

In 2015 a total of 5,036 individuals received funding: 3,106 of which were awarded grants for teaching activities and 1,930 for further education or training activities.


  • education and training: two days (programme countries) or five (partner countries) to 60 days (excluding travel times)
  • teaching: teaching duration corresponds to the duration of education and training. The necessary pensum per stay is eight lessons for the first week or a shorter visit. For stays exceeding one week (seven days) the teaching requirement will be calculated on a pro rata basis

Scholarship Value

varies depending on higher-education institution

Application Papers

In order to take part in Erasmus+ mobility of individuals you should contact the Erasmus+ coordinator international office at the respective International Office.

Application Deadline

The international office of your home institution of higher education will provide you with the relevant application deadlines.

Application Requirements

  • Teaching appointments have to be conducted at an institution of higher education with an Erasmus Charta for Higher Education (ECHE)
  • teachers from institutions of higher education are selected by the sending institutions
  • Lecturers or other staff from higher-education institutions have to be either a national of a country participating in the Erasmus+ mobility programme, or a national of another country and be employed at an institution of higher education in a participating country; the regulations stipulated by the respective participating countries with consideration of the type and structure of the particular programme are applicable.

Please refer also to the website of the respective Erasmus+ National Agency for further information and application prerequisites.


Erasmus+ National Agency „Higher Education“
Kennedyallee 50
53175 Bonn