Additional Information on DAAD Study Scholarships in the Field of Architecture

These scholarships are exclusively meant for postgraduate or complementary studies (but not for first-degree or undergraduate studies) at a higher education institution or in an appropriate degree course offered by a Fachhochschule (university of applied sciences) or a full university in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The final selection decision on applicants for architecture courses is made by a DAAD Selection Committee in Bonn, whose members are professors from the field of architecture. Besides the application papers, the committee’s decision is mainly based on work samples (layouts, sketches, photographs, etc.) which applicants are required to submit.

The following samples of applicants' works must be submitted along with the application form. (Please enclose a list of all enclosed work samples with details [size, creation date, location etc.]; the list must be accompanied by a statement that the applicant personally produced/created the works or, in the case of collaborative projects, must state who contributed to these works):

Architects and interior designers should include three drafts on a scale appropriate to the object with their application (in each case with the ground plan, the layout, elevation and perspective). This must include at least one independent (non-group) project (draft, analysis, plan); urban and regional planners should submit works with their application (such as papers and presentations), which clearly show that they have already worked on planning processes. Samples of work on digital media cannot be considered.

In the case of collaborative works or projects, the contribution made by the applicant must either be marked or described appropriately or specified in writing.

The submitted papers and documents will be returned on request after the selection has been completed. 

Besides presenting the academic and personal reasons for the planned study project in Germany, the application must be accompanied by an extract from the host university's website with concrete details (title of the degree programme, study plan and the expected length of studies, language of instruction, admissions requirements plus information on any tuition fees) for the chosen degree programme. The letter of acceptance for the selected study programme from the German host university must either be attached to the application documents or submitted to the DAAD before scholarship-supported studies begin. The Letter of Award is only effective if a letter of acceptance has been received.