DAAD brochures and magazines on study and research in Germany

Joop van Reeken / DAAD

The DAAD regularly publishes brochures and magazines on studying and conducting research in Germany. You can download these publications here.

The materials on studying and research in Germany available on this page are used by study advisors from the DAAD and other organisations around the world during consultations and at information events.

If you would prefer to access these brochures and magazines in printed form, why not visit the DAAD at an education fair or come to one of our DAAD regional offices or information centres near you. DAAD instructors at your higher education institution, employees of the Goethe Institutes or the German embassies and consulates can also provide you with these materials.

Brochures with general information on studying and living in Germany

Destination Germany - A Pocket Guide for International Students

Ziel Deutschland Cover EN 2017

Information and tips on living and studying in Germany: Degree programmes, types of universities, application, costs, visa, accommodation, medical treatment, money, recreation, environmental protection, safety

186 pages

July 2017

Studying in Germany - A Practical Guide for International Students

Cover SID Englisch 2019

Practical information on studying in Germany: Preparing for your study visit (selecting a university, admission, financing, application, entering Germany, accommodation), getting started in Germany (International Office, enrolling, taking care of formalities), making your stay a success (making contacts, learning German, working)

90 pages

July 2019

June 2018

November 2016

Study and Research in Germany - Annotated Weblinks

Weblinks Cover 2016

Annotated collection of links on opportunities for studying or doing doctorates in Germany, on funding organisations and foundations, on research in Germany, plus general information on Germany

44 pages

November 2016

Studying in Germany - A Good Choice for Your Child. 15 questions and answers for Parents


Answers to 15 frequently asked questions for parents whose children are considering Germany as a place to study abroad.

July 2019

June 2018

June 2016

Time for discovery!

Karte DE Cover

Map of Germany for international students and PhD candidates.

October 2016

The German University System at a Glance

Hochschulsystem Cover 2017

Overview of the most important aspects of the German university system, information on the study opportunities and on university policy

August 2019

January 2017