Visiting education fairs

You can find out more about German universities and the courses they offer without spending hours on the internet. Because many of them introduce their study programmes at education fairs – almost all over the world. And the DAAD is also a regular participant at these events. Have a look at our calendar of education fairs!

Education fairs: a popular forum

You're interested in taking a language or specialist course in Germany, attending summer school, participating in a bilingual study programme or finding out more about a post-grad Master's or doctoral programme? You'll find answers to all your questions at the many international education and university fairs that are held. This is where German universities and academic organisations, such as the DAAD, introduce their services and scholarship programmes, hand out brochures and information material and are available for in-depth consultations.

Brief overview

At education fairs, you have the opportunity to get to know several universities in one go and talk to their representatives. This saves you time and is more enjoyable than anonymous internet research. It makes it easier to compare different programmes and services. And personal meetings can sometimes have a surprising outcome, providing you with important information that might give you completely new ideas about studying. Valuable advice can also be obtained from students from your own country who have already studied at a university in Germany. These alumni are often represented at fair stands and can offer you first-hand information about their own experiences.

For a personal report about a higher education fair, check out Theodor Cheslerean's DAAD blog.

So visiting a fair can help you choose the right university or course – irrespective of subject and regardless of whether you've just left school, have already finished an initial degree, you're a budding scientist or are in search of a post-grad programme.


Student Fairs

Events from April 2014 until July 2014

April 2014

Date: 23.04 - 25.04
Country / Place: Oman / Maskat
German representatives: X

Forum international de l'Etudiant
Date: 24.04 - 27.04
Country / Place: Morocco / Casablanca

May 2014

The Hindu Education Plus: International Education Fair 2014
Date: 03.05 - 04.05
Country / Place: India / Chennai

Deutsche Bildungsmesse 2014
Date: 03.05 - 04.05
Country / Place: Mongolia / Ulan Bator

ExpoEstudiante Posgrados
Date: 03.05 - 04.05
Country / Place: Colombia / Bogotá

Date: 03.05 - 10.05
Country / Place: Honduras / Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula

The Hindu Education Plus: International Education Fair 2014
Date: 06.05
Country / Place: India / Bangalore

Date: 13.05 - 14.05
Country / Place: Guatemala / Guatemala Stadt

Webinarreihe: “Introduction to international student recruitment” (auf Englisch)
Date: 14.05 - 18.06
Country / Place: Germany

Congress 2014 of the Humanities and Social Sciences
Date: 24.05 - 27.05
Country / Place: Canada / St. Catherines

8th Education Fair
Date: 28.05 - 30.05
Country / Place: Kosovo / Pristina

June 2014

Deutsche Hochschulmesse
Date: 05.06 - 07.06
Country / Place: Cameroon / Yaoundé
German representatives: X

Woche der deutschen Sprache
Date: 05.06 - 13.06
Country / Place: Mozambique / Maputo

** = exact dates not yet known

Organized by:
Studieren in Deutschland - Land der Ideen


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