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Hier kommen ausländische Studieninteressierte direkt mit deutschen Hochschulen und Wissenschaftsorganisationen ins Gespräch. Die persönliche Begegnung hat viele Vorteile.

Internationale Hochschulmessen bieten ausländischen Studierenden eine gute Möglichkeit, die Bildungs- und Hochschullandschaft in Deutschland besser kennenzulernen. Die Hochschulen stellen sich und ihr Studienangebot vor, geben Einblick in Ziele, Inhalte und Methoden einzelner Studienfächer. Auf Hochschulmessen haben Sie auch die Chance, sich direkt mit Studierenden, Dozenten und Professoren auszutauschen. Im persönlichen Gespräch können spezifische Fragen zu Zulassungsvoraussetzungen, Studiengängen oder Abschlüssen geklärt werden, die das Internet allein nicht beantworten kann.

Bildungs- und Studentenmessen

Termine von August 2016 bis November 2016

August 2016

Feria Universitaria del Libro
Datum: 26.08 - 04.09
Land / Ort: Mexiko / Pachuca

September 2016

Woche der deutschen Sprache
Datum: 09.09 - 03.10
Land / Ort: Mosambik / Maputo

5th West African Clean Energy & Environmental Exhibition & Conference (WACEE)
Datum: 13.09 - 15.09
Land / Ort: Ghana / Accra

Datum: 13.09
Land / Ort: Vietnam / International Convention & Exhibition Center, New Binh Duong City, Viet Nam
Smart City is an emerging topic since it is perceived as a winning strategy to cope with severe urban problems such as traffic, pollution, energy consumption, waste treatment, and severe weather events. Having combined the concepts of digital city, green city, and knowledge city, a Smart City is a complex, long-term vision of a better urban area, aiming at reducing its environmental footprint and at creating better quality of life for citizens.
Mobility is one of the most difficult topics facing metropolitan large areas. It involves both environmental and economic aspects, and needs both advanced technologies and changes in people behaviours. Largely permeated by ICT, Smart Mobility is used in various applications to support the optimization of traffic fluxes, and collect citizens¡¦ opinions about liveability in cities and quality of clean and non-motorized transport services.
This conference is aimed to bring together international experts, scholars and policy-makers to exchange and discuss the best practices of Smart City and Smart Mobility, and its applicability in the context of developing cities.
Since a large number of cities are increasingly vulnerable to severe weather events such as heavy rainfalls and tidal floods, the conference will discuss solutions for weather-responsive traffic management as new approaches to smart mobility as well as smarter cities.
Thematic Topics
(i) Global Trends in Urbanization, Energy Challenges and Climate Change Adaptation
(ii) Smart City: Concept, Infrastructure and Technologies
(iii) Smart Mobility: Concept, Structure and Solutions
o Including Technologies and Behavioral Changes
(iv) Dynamic Traffic Management and Smart Transportation system
o Including Weather-Responsive Traffic Management
It is expected to receive the participation of about 100 participants, including:
„h Academicians from Universities & Research Institutes
„h Practitioners from Urban and Transport Authorities
„h International Experts and Consultants
„h University students

DAAD Portas Abertas - DAAD Tag der Offenen Tür in der DAAD Außenstelle Rio
Datum: 15.09
Land / Ort: Brasilien / Rio

„Research in Germany“ at the Naturejobs Career Expo
Datum: 16.09
Land / Ort: Vereinigtes Königreich / London
Are you ready to take the next step in your scientific career? Meet our delegation of seven German universities and funding organizations. Visit the German area at the Naturejobs Career Expo and learn about:
•positions for PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, young investigators and junior faculty
•research internships
•studying and researching in Germany

Naturejobs Career Expo is a high-end career fair which introduces researchers to potential employers in the fields of life sciences, medical sciences, chemistry and physics. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is organising a joint German stand at the Naturejobs Career Expo as part of the “Research in Germany” campaign, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The German exhibitors will offer detailed information about research funding, PhD programmes, research groups, post-doctoral positions and junior professorships in the areas of life sciences and natural science.

EduExpo (Specialmesse)
Datum: 17.09 - 18.09
Land / Ort: Brasilien / Sao Paulo
Beteiligung Hochschulen: X
<br>GATE-Mitglieder: 250 Euro<br>
<br>GATE- Nichtmitglieder: 500 Euro<br>
<br>Silvia Bauer, DAAD Sao Paulo, silvia@daad.org.br <br>Ulrike Bialy, Ref. K21, bialy@daad.de
<br><br><b>Bitte beachten Sie die <a href="https://www.daad.de/download/gate/Allgemeine_Hinweise_und_Teilnahmebedingungen_GATE-Germany.pdf" target="_blank">Allgemeinen Hinweise und Teilnahmebedingungen.</a></b>

15th International Exhibition "Education & Career"
Datum: 22.09 - 24.09
Land / Ort: Usbekistan / Taschkent

Information Seminar “Doing a doctorate – Research in Germany”
Datum: 23.09
Land / Ort: Singapur / Singapur

Interested in doing a PhD or Post-Doc in Germany?
Looking for an appropriate programme and funding opportunities?
Ready to take the next step in your career?
Join us and visit the “Research in Germany”-Team at our information seminar.
Find out more about:

•Funding opportunities – several options that are available to you in the German research environment
•PhD programmes – discover the different paths to achieve your goal
•Grand programmes – find out how you can apply for and receive grants
•Practical advice – all you need to know about moving to and living in Germany

These are just a few questions you get answered.
The event is open to anyone interested in doing research in Germany. It is free of charge and will be conducted in English.
We look forward to meeting you!

Cuarta Feria de Oportunidades
Datum: 23.09
Land / Ort: Mexiko / Veracruz

Falling Walls Lab Serbien
Datum: 25.09
Land / Ort: Serbien / Belgrad

Datum: 29.09 - 08.10
Land / Ort: Mexiko / Puebla, Mexiko-City, Monterrey

Feria Posgrados en Europa (Specialmesse)
Datum: 29.09 - 30.09
Land / Ort: Costa Rica / Costa Rica
Beteiligung Hochschulen: X

Study and Go Abroad Fair
Datum: 29.09 - 02.10
Land / Ort: Kanada / Ottawa, Toronto

Oktober 2016

Romanian International University Fair (RIUF)
Datum: 01.10 - 06.10
Land / Ort: Rumänien / Bukarest, Iasi, Timisoara
Beteiligung Hochschulen: X

Study in Europe (Specialmesse)
Datum: 01.10
Land / Ort: Singapur / Singapur
Beteiligung Hochschulen: X

Feria Posgrados en Europa (Specialmesse)
Datum: 03.10 - 04.10
Land / Ort: Guatemala / Guatemala
Beteiligung Hochschulen: X

Digitec Expo
Datum: 07.10 - 09.10
Land / Ort: Armenien / Eriwan

Begin Grad Fair (Special-Messe)
Datum: 08.10
Land / Ort: Russische Föderation / Moskau

Begin Grad Fair (Special Plus-Messe)
Datum: 09.10
Land / Ort: Russische Föderation / St. Petersburg

Higher Education and Scholarships Fair (Special-Messe)
Datum: 11.10 - 13.10
Land / Ort: Kroatien / Zagreb und Rijeka

30th International Education Fair (Special-Messe)
Datum: 22.10
Land / Ort: Russische Föderation / Moskau

NAJAH (Specialmesse)
Datum: 25.10 - 27.10
Land / Ort: Vereinigte Arabische Emirate / Abu Dhabi
Beteiligung Hochschulen: X

Master and More
Datum: 27.10
Land / Ort: Polen / Warschau

The UIC 7th International Postgraduate Education Information Fair
Datum: 28.10
Land / Ort: China / Zhuhai

November 2016

Education and Career Fair
Datum: 02.11 - 03.11
Land / Ort: Russische Föderation / Moskau

OCSC International Education Expo (Specialmesse)
Datum: 12.11 - 13.11
Land / Ort: Thailand / Bangkok
Beteiligung Hochschulen: X

The Postgraduate Study Fair (Specialmesse)
Datum: 16.11
Land / Ort: Vereinigtes Königreich / Manchester
Beteiligung Hochschulen: X

“Research in Germany” at the PhD Workshop China 2016
Datum: 19.11 - 22.11
Land / Ort: China / Beijing und Shanghai
The PhD Workshop China offers graduate students a platform to learn more about PhD and research opportunities in foreign countries and meet face-to-face with official representatives of accredited overseas colleges and universities.

As part of the campaign “Research in Germany – Land of Ideas” and organised by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), German universities and science organisations will present their international PhD programmes and network with postgraduates and PhD candidates at PhD Workshop China 2016. PhD candidates have the opportunity to meet with the German representatives and discuss future employment opportunities in Germany.

The PhD Workshop China 2016 will be held in on November 19-20 at the Swissôtel Beijing Hong Kong Macau Center and on November 22 at the Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai.

Further information will be available soon.

De Buitenlandbeurs
Datum: 25.11 - 26.11
Land / Ort: Niederlande / Utrecht

Feria Internacional del Libro
Datum: 26.11 - 04.12
Land / Ort: Mexiko / Guadalajara

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