Help for students

Hüttermann / DAAD

Whether your question relates to the course composition, the sports offers or help finding accommodation – we help you find the right contact partner for every question.

International Office

The International Office is the most important contact point for international students. It answers all their organisational questions relating to the course – such as on the university entrance qualification, language skills or the admission procedure.

Student Union

The student unions perform an important role: They run the canteens and cafeterias, provide rooms in residences and offer psychological counselling. They also provide service packages for international students. These contain accommodation and board as well as health insurance, in most cases.

Central Student Advisory Service

The Central Student Advisory Service answers your general questions on the course selections, application or general aspects of the course, such as exam management.

Academic Counselling Service

Anyone who has questions that relate to their course content, or who needs help putting together their course schedule, can contact the Academic Counselling Service. The questions are generally answered by course lecturers or professors.

Student Secretariat

The Student Secretariat handles everything to do with applications, admissions and enrolment certificates. Students can enrol or re-register for a course, suspend their enrolment or deregister. It is also where you can apply for a new student ID, if you have lost your old one.

Examination Office

Examination offices are often located at the individual faculties or departments and deal with course and examination matters. This is your contact point for any questions relating to exam regulations. The examination office also issues certificates and other documents.

Career Centre

Career Centres are located in or near universities. They help students make the transition from their studies to professional life. They check the application documents, hold information events and invite companies from the region.

General Student Committee (Asta)

The Asta, also called the "Studierendenrat" at universities in eastern Germany, is elected by the majority of the student parliament. It represents the interests of students and provides a range of services. This may include tips for job and accommodation searches, car-sharing to other cities or the establishment of tandem language learning.

Student Council

The Student Council is the student representation for a specific subject, generally with their own room at the university, the Student Council Office. Anyone can get involved! Student Council members perform a range of tasks; they help in everyday university life or organise orientation weeks for students starting their first semester.

International university groups

International university groups bring students together from around the world. They organise various events: from parties to city tours and movie nights.


As student assistants, tutors are responsible for helping to provide basic knowledge, practical tips and assistance to first-time students. If you don't know where to turn you can always pepper them with questions! As they are still students themselves, they know and understand the challenges you face in everyday student life.


Professors generally have a weekly consultation hour during which students can discuss questions, particularly on presentations, exams or term papers. But you can also ask your professor for advice, or letters of recommendation, if you would like to apply for a scholarship.

Dean of Studies

A Dean of Studies is appointed for every faculty or every department. They are responsible for ensuring that the courses on offer are in line with requirements. For example, this is the person to contact if problems arise because a module's classes do not align correctly.