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The DAAD considers the end of a scholarship as the beginning of an active, long-term relationship with its alumni. More than 160 alumni associations worldwide connect alumni with each other and with the DAAD. The alumni associations are very important partners for international exchange and a driving force for local alumni activities. The involvement of the alumni associations plays an important part in the sustainability of the DAAD scholarship programs.

The clubs differ in their structures and in their composition. However, all associations have at least two things in common: the members have a lot of international experience and volunteer their time and skills for the promotion of international exchange. For example, they organize alumni events, assist with regional pre-selection rounds, provide information about scholarship programs and study and research in Germany or their respective host country or support future and current scholarship holders.

Find an alumni association close to you in our database of all DAAD alumni clubs worldwide.

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More than 160 alumni associations worldwide connect DAAD alumni with each other and with the DAAD. Find an alumni association in your area.


Funding opportunities

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The DAAD supports the work of the alumni associations, The clubs can apply for grants towards the costs of alumni events and publications, for example. Here you will find the relevant documents.