Material Resources Programme

DAAD/Norbert Hüttermann

Applications for scientific and research equipment can be submitted by academics and scientists working at a foreign university who completed part of their studies or research in Germany. Applications should be submitted in conjunction with a concrete research or teaching project.

As students and scientists, you have obtained comprehensive knowledge and special competences at German institutions of higher education. The successful continuation of your research work at your institution of higher education in your home country is sometimes subject to certain standards of equipment and consumables. With the Material Resources Program, you will have the opportunity to obtain equipment and consumables in your home country. With new equipment, you will be able to continue the research work in your institution of the respective developing country, which you have started in Germany. This will in turn allow you to provide important impulses in the collaboration with German institutions of higher education.

Only scientists from foreign higher education institutions, who have completed part of the study and/or research work in Germany, can submit applications for the funding of scientific equipment and consumables. Applications must relate to a concrete teaching or research project. Please consult the DAC-list for countries that are eligible.

Financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

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