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human.mobility - ADeko-Forum 4.0

The symposium will pick up on the topic of mobility at the last autumn conference in Aachen and offer a replica from a social and humanistic perspective that focuses on the human being as a social being and thus offers - in conjunction with the technological topics of the autumn conference - a holistic approach.

Contact: Hwang-Sik Kim

Utilizing Three-Way Networks Synergie: GYA-DAAD-AvH

The Global Young Academy (GYA) was founded in 2010 with the vision to give a voice to young scientists around the world. By empowering early - to mid-career researchers to lead international, interdisciplinary and intergenerational dialogues, the GYA mobilises talents from six continents for capacity-building, mentoring, engaging in science policy and improving the existing research environment. The main purpose of the workshop is to activate the network of DAAD alumni who are involved in the GYA, in order to establish working goals for future collaboration.

Contact: Dr. Gankam Tambo Erick

Workshop: Enhancing Plant protection and Quarantine Services Using Bioinformatics and Data Analysis Tools in West Africa

The steady growing international trade has increased the risk of introduction, spread and establishment of invasive organisms. Non-native pests can cause severe crop losses. This project aims at enhancing quarantine services capacity through training sessions of DAAD Alumni from the field of agriculture in West African countries, and border inspectors or workers of seed health and quarantine services.

Contact: Elie Dannon

Floriculture as a Means to Alleviate Poverty and Unemployment

Agriculture has been on top of the development agenda in African countries, including Ghana. In attempts to diversify the agricultural sector, floriculture - the cultivation of flowers - has emerged as one of the sectors through which African countries can boost its Gross Domestic Products. The main objective of this workshop is to promote floriculture as a business for the urban population.

Contact: Forchibe Ethelyn Echep

Multilingualism - Transculturality - Identities

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the opening up of borders in Europe has led to a more and more pronounced linguistic pluralization of national societies. Against this background, the aim of the event is to determine the concrete consequences of the new European multilingualism for a national language in the context of the international scientific discussion on the study of the linguistic pluralisation of European states using the example of the German language.

Contact: Ewald Reuter