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Workshop on the Agricultural Land Tenure Problem in Togo

Farmland acquisition is one of the major challenges faced by the majority of farmers in Togo. Frequent land conflicts and frauds concerning land sold twice over are on the increase. Therefore, farmers have to be aware of different land management options that optimize farmland use and lead land conflict mitigation. The main objective of this Workshop is to sensitize farmers on the norms and sources which determine the farmer´s tenure status.

Contact: Komlanvi Amouzou

Husserl's boundary problems of phenomenology. Limes cases of the body

The objective of the event is to shape new perspectives of Husserl research through a scientifically highly qualified and internationally oriented analysis of the border phenomena of the consciousness-life.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Mariannina Failla

Energy Law and Policy in Germany and Turkey: A Comparison on Contemporary and Future Issues

Just as the utilization of carbon sources in the 18th and 19th centuries shaped the world, a new "Energy Transtion" is in the making. Affordable renewable energy, quickly developing energy storage technologies, decentralized smart-grid plans, the denuclearization demands of the public and the decarbonization targets as per the Paris Agreement of 2016 are giving form to a new economic, political and legal landscape in the energy industry. The event aims at comparing the key aspects of energy law and the policy frameworkes of Germany and Turkey, hoping to provide a starting point for the debate that follows.

Contact: Franziska Trepke

ANSA Conference Interim Working Group - Design Thinking Workshop

In preparation for the annual ANSA conference, this workshop aims to provide participants with the opportunity to creatively develop innovative ideas using the Design Thinking method to adapt the conferences to the association's future aspirations and its growing membership.

Contact: ANSA

Conference on Gender Equality

In many communities in Cameroon, women are still regarded as subordinate to men in many aspects of daily life. Although national law in Cameroon is not particularly unfair to women, traditional law still favours men and is practiced in most areas of the country. Unfortunately, the majority of women are not aware of their legal rights and urgently need to be sensitized and supported. This workshop aims at adressing the issue of gender equality in Cameroon in order to raise awareness among society.

Contact: Stella Tamunjoh