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Development and execution of multidisciplinary research projects for sutainable development: learning from experiences, team science and new collaborative online tools

The aim of the event is to foster learning on how to prepare, present ans lead a successful multidisciplinary research project to respond to sustainability challenges.

Contact: Carlos Noé Hernández Hernández

Best Practices in Market Diversification and Interculturality

Interdisciplinary seminar on International Business about the needs of global strategic management of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises from the new geopolitical configurations and current international trade, in which the study of best best practices in market diversification is required to ensure successful and sustainable inroads into international markets.

Contact: Marcos Tlamayanco Castro

Sustainable Urban Development - Smart Cities and Innovation

A smart city promotes economic growth and aims to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants using technology and innovation. The seminar intends to be a space where experts in smart cities share their knowledge and experience with the participating alumni.

Contact: René Alberto Dávila Pórcel

5th Thai Germanist meeting

The 5th Thai Germanist Meeting will address the topic "Change in Geopolitical Asia = Change in German Studies?". The conference aims to discuss the role of German studies in Thailand and the new Asia. Which mediation approaches and contents are suitable for German studies or its branches of literature studies, linguistics, German as a foreign language and regional studies?

Contact: Dr. Thanakon Kaewwipat

Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung und Zukunftsplanung in Europa

The training is aimed at architects from practice and science with an international education background. Lectures and workshops will be offered amongst other things on the following topics: Modern housing concepts and urban interventions in the city, International urban development, The Eco-City: Ten key transport and planning dimensions for sustainable city development.

Contakt: Dipl. Ing. Architektin Angelika Class