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Environmental Protection Law and Sustainable Development

Not only economic development is an important issue, but also environmental protection. Therefore, measures aiming for development "at any price" should be replaced by sustainable economic development. This workshop addresses the role of the legal system in this process.

Contact: Dr. Tran Quang Huy

Speeddating - Preparation Workshop / Workshop: India as a place to study

As part of this workshop, DAAD alumni who have already lived in India will share their experiences with future India Outgoings. The aim is to sensitize the DAAD scholarship holders to cultural challenges. In addition to the strengthening of intercultural competences, the focus of the event is networking.

Contact: DAAD IndiAlumni Netzwerk e.V.

Sustainable Development Goals: The Role of German-Ghanaian Alumni Networks in Tackling Global Challenges

In challenging times, professional and academic networks remain vital to provide solutions to global challenges and help pave new ways for better living. Against this backdrop, an initiative has been developed by a group of alumni to organize a meeting in Ghana to bring together at least 100 DAAD and other German alumni from different programmes across Ghana. The event will create a platform to bring together scientific expertise from different disciplines to present good practices for ways in which different aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals can be collectively tackled. It is expected that this event will lead to lasting interdisciplinary networks in Ghana and West Africa, strong connections to German institutions and collaborations to adress SDG-related research topics.

Contact: Lena Leumer

Second International Congress "Musica Sacra" at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro for DAAD Alumni and Students

The scientifically and culturally oriented programme offers lectures, presentations, round tables and workshops as a basis for reflection on sacred music and its relationship to the societies of the 20th and 21st centuries. Concerts will complete the daily activities.

Contact: Valéria Silva Matos

The Improvement of Life and Beauty in Neighborhoods

In a series of seminars, the next workshop will adress the improvement of life in cities on a small scale: it will deal with the life and sense of beauty in neighborhoods and with their understanding of beauty in their everyday life and specific culture. Researchers and students from disciplines and sciences such as philosophy, sociology, urbanism, architecture, biology, administration and engineering are expected to participate in the seminar.