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DAAD Alumni Forum on Crosscutting Health and Agriculture

The DAAD Alumni Forum adresses the interrelationship between agricultural practice and human health. Particularly, it identifies the causal relation between the intensive use of pesticides and the rise in none-communicable diseases. On this basis, the participants of the event aim at developing strategies that promote sustainable agriculture for the purpose of good health and wellbeing in West Africa.

Contact: Dr. Ndong Ignatius Cheng

Workshop - Capacity Building on Sustainable Vegetable Farming

The Workshop aims at raising awareness for sustainable vegetable farming. The participating DAAD-Alumni will become acquainted with various forms and technics of sustainable management. In this way, knowledge which usually does not reach the farmers directly, can be spread via the Alumni.

Contact: Tossou Tammegnon Hospice

Perspectives of Sustainable Urban Development Using the Example of the Lithuanian City of Panevezys

On the basis of the Sustainable Development Goals, the perspectives of urban development will be discussed during this event. The renewal program of the Lithuanian city of Panevezys serves as a concrete example to analyze the challenges and perspectives of such projects.
Contact: Litauischer DAAD-Alumniverein

DAAD-Ambassadors Georgia 2019

The aim of the event is to promote the thematic exchange and networking between the alumni. The event is therefore an important part of the establishment of alumni activities in Georgia.
Contact: Gebhard Reul

DAAD Alumni Networking Conference. Exchange meetings of former scholarship holders from the Republic of Moldova

The meeting will be considered as a kick-off event to ensure longer-term networking among DAAD alumni in and out of the Republic of Moldova. The aim is to develop a common strategy in which concrete steps are presented on how the Moldovan DAAD alumni can set up an association and thereby form a network of contacts, careers, competences and cooperation.
Contact: Dr. Josef Sallanz