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Foundations and Methods of Translation Studies

Thematically and in terms of content, the series of events planned for the year 2019 ties in with and builds upon the already successfully implemented series in 2018: it provides a broad overview of general theoretical questions, the use of extensive language data in translation and translation research, the interaction of individual linguistic areas with translation, techniques and methods of translation, and technology-based research and application methods.

Contact: Dr. Eliza Ghazaryan

Third World Encounter on Sustainable Actions: Smart Cities in the Mexican Context

The World Encounter on Sustainable Actions Series aims at providing change makers and multi-stakeholders the needed space to allow the 'emergence' of networks, hubs, thought connections and tipping points in an intercultural fashion. This year´s learning experience will focus on the leadership journeys of sparkles of change: women and men from around the world who are sparkling change towards a 'smart' - and inclusive - world. It targets researchers, students, entrepreneus, teachers, public officials and DAAD alumni.

Contact: Ericka Toledo Zurita

Bioeconomy: 250 Years after Humboldt

The seminar addresses the role of the bio-economy in the process towards sustainable development in Colombia. A series of presentations will portray bio-economy from different points of view. In addition, several expert panels will provide new insights and explain various aspects of the bioeconomy.

Contact: Asociación Antioquena de Profesionales con Estudios en Alemania

Alumni Week / Semana Alumni SEMAL 2019

The Alumni Week offers a range of specialist workshops in the fields of health care, agricultural science and economics. In addition, there will be offered multi-disciplinary seminars that focus on proposal writing and Humboldtean science. The aim is to continue the dynamics in the alumni work and in the German-Cuban university exchange on the basis of these series of events.

Contact: Dr. Ulrike Dorfmüller

Renewable Energies: Mexico Facing the Global Challenges of Sustainablility

In a series of seminars, this seminar is intended to further the projects which were outline during the third seminar last year. It thereby does not solely regard renewable energies as one of many options for human beings, but as a necessity for the achievement of a sustainable future.

Contact: Dr. Francisco Baez