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World Food Day Colloquium

The special occasion for this year’s World Food Day Colloquium
(WFDC) is the 200th anniversary of the University of Hohenheim,
founded in 1818 for generating knowledge on increasing food
productivity after a great famine in Baden-Wuerttemberg, and the
Raiffeisen Year 2018, in which the cooperative idea is celebrated on
the occasion of the 200th birthday of its founder, Friedrich Wilhelm
The thematic focus is on cooperatives and their contribution to
global food security. What has already been accomplished? And
what kind of challenges do cooperatives have to face regarding the
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? To enable and strengthen
the struggle of people to improve their food security was one of the
cooperatives’ initial points of action. It is still the stimulus of new
cooperatives and self-help groups in various countries and regions.
The World Food Day Colloquium 2018 will discuss the specific roles
of cooperatives in this process and their different contributions to
global food security. As a special highlight the Hans Ruthenberg
Memorial Lecture will be part of the program.