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Erasmus+ Strategische Partnerschaften Kick-Off-Meeting für Projektkoordinatoren und Projektpartner – Thematisches Monitoring

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Visit the “Idealist Grad Fair” in San Francisco

Want to change the world? There’s a degree for that!
Join the “Research in Germany”-team at the Idealist Grad Fair on October 15th, 2019 in San Francisco to discuss your research and funding opportunities in Germany.

At an Idealist Grad Fair, you can:
Learn about admissions requirements and application deadlines for graduate programs in social work, public policy, nonprofit management, international affairs, public interest law, social entrepreneurship, and many more
Speak with graduate admissions advisors from local, national and international universities
Meet programs from around the world.The grad fair offers the chance to learn more about programs from not only all around the country, but all over the world

World Food Day Colloquium 2019 - Food Security and Trade in a Period of Change and Innovation

This year the World Food Day Colloquium will address issues of complexity of trade, climate change and food security and whether these can become a sustainable system.
The registration is open now!

Dia de Portas Abertas

bologna hub online training webinar 1: From Degree Programmes to the Classroom

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