Funding programmes

Funding for universities, students and alumni

To support sustainable development and the establishment of global knowledge networks DAAD offers scholarships and funding opportunities for Alumni and as well as university cooperation programmes.

Funding programmes for universities from A to Z


All DAAD programmes are based on the interest of Universities in Germany and abroad to cooperate for the advancement of sustainable development. The university cooperation projects funded by the DAAD enhance human capacity, further quality and relevance of learning, and contribute to the search for solutions to global challenges.


Funding programmes for students from A to Z


Over the years, a variety of scholarship programmes have been created to allow for tailormade support of sustainable development. DAAD scholarships for studies in Germany further the academic and practice oriented progress of young professionals. In-region scholarships will allow talented young university lecturers to become part of the next generation of top teaching staff in rapidly expanding university systems.


Funding programmes for alumni from A to Z


Networking and lifelong learning are fundamental for enabling foreign alumni, as experts, decision-makers and partners abroad, to remain in touch with Germany. Former scholarship holders from developing countries can make use of professional development courses to update their specialist knowledge and benefit from international academic exchange.