Development cooperation

Actively engaged as an established player in development cooperation, the DAAD offers a wide variety of scholarships and advisory programmes. Countries in the South are becoming more and more important as partners in the search for solutions to global questions of the future. Consequently, higher education is increasing in importance in these countries.

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Costa Belibasakis/FH Köln

The DAAD contributes to development cooperation in numerous ways and with a broad range of scholarships, partnership programmes and advising services. We strive to achieve our development policy goals with an approach that is based on partnership, sustainability and transparency.


Funding programmes for universities from A to Z

All DAAD programmes are based on the interest in, and commitment to, development cooperation shown by many German universities. The DAAD uses these programmes to make the knowledge and expertise at German universities available for development cooperation. This is one way of further increasing the contribution to sustainable development made by higher education and science.


Funding programmes for students from A to Z


The classic DAAD scholarship marked the start of DAAD commitment to development cooperation. Over the years, however, the traditional programmes have become more varied and better adapted to the requirements of developing countries. In the meantime, the DAAD has created scholarships making continuing development available to young employees with an academic background who work in development-policy subject areas and positions.