What we do

Development cooperation

The DAAD works internationally to promote sustainable development and to build global knowledge networks. Find out about our collaborative and results-oriented approach.

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Costa Belibasakis/FH Köln

The DAAD contributes to development cooperation in numerous ways and with a broad range of scholarships, partnership programmes and advising services. We strive to achieve our development policy goals with an approach that is based on partnership, sustainability and transparency.


Training professionals and managers

Tim Wegner

Professionals, managers and university lecturers can initiate lasting political, economic, and social transformation processes and innovative solutions to local and global problems. In order to train such "change agents", the DAAD works with different partners to adapt its exchange programmes to the conditions in developing countries.


Strengthening universities and higher education systems in developing countries

Martin Adelmann

The DAAD helps strengthen universities and higher education systems in developing countries by funding cooperation projects and partnerships. The DAAD's portfolio ranges from supporting the development of up-to-date practice-oriented study programmes to fostering the establishment of globally linked academic centres of excellence for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Results-oriented Monitoring


As a learning organisation, the DAAD constantly improves the quality and transparency of its work. In order to do so, we promote the results-oriented planning and monitoring of our programmes. One success factor is the continuing dialogue with German universities and their partners in developing countries.