Alumni meetings

Norbert Hüttermann/DAAD

Alumni meetings that are organised around the world by the DAAD regional offices, information centres and assistant professors offer the ideal opportunity to meet up with other alumni, discuss recent developments and stay in contact with Germany.

There are two different types of meeting: on the one hand there are small alumni meetings with DAAD input, and on the other there are large alumni meetings organised by the DAAD itself.

Large alumni meetings

Every year, the DAAD organises subject-specific and interdisciplinary alumni meetings in various countries – primarily for former international scholarship holders. The meetings are generally held in collaboration with German diplomatic missions abroad, DAAD assistant professors, local Goethe Institutes, universities or the alumni clubs. An overview of the events (including further information such as advance announcements, conference documentation, photos etc.) can be found in our alumni calendar.

Small alumni meetings with DAAD input

Smaller alumni events organised by alumni themselves or whose participants include former DAAD scholarship holders may also be supported by the DAAD on request. However, these events must have a subject-oriented focus; grants are not available for purely social meetings. The participants of the event must include a large number of former DAAD scholarship holders. Further information is available here (PDF, 0.5 MB) and the application form is available here (DOCX, 0.2 MB). An overview can be found in our alumni calendar.

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