Dr. Matthias Mück


Mathematician, Programme Manager at Airbus Defence and Space

DAAD Scholarship 2001–2002

Dr. Matthias Mück privat

“Transatlantic – in Real Time” is the motto under which the German Canadian Concourse regularly brings Germany and Canada a little bit closer. This series of interdisciplinary conferences organised by the Canada Meets Germany Network facilitates dialogue at a professional level. Dr Matthias Mück is responsible for the event as president of the German-Canadian network. “The Concourse covers varying themes and takes place simultaneously in Germany and Canada once a year,” says the DAAD alumnus. “The core of the format is the transatlantic symposium, during which individual lectures and panel discussions are transmitted to the respective other country using video conference technology to enable real-time interaction on topical subjects across the Atlantic.” Today the German Canadian Concourse is held under the sponsorship of the Canadian and German ambassadors and is an established platform for German-Canadian dialogue.

My stay in Toronto and my ongoing connection with Canada have inspired professional activities in the transatlantic and international context.
Dr Matthias Mück

The starting point for Mück’s close relationship with Canada was a DAAD scholarship that enabled him to conduct research in mathematical physics at the University of Toronto in 2001 and 2002 as part of his doctorate. “I did not only benefit strongly in my subject as a result of my stay,” says the DAAD alumnus. “I was also very fascinated by Toronto, which I encountered as an open, multicultural city. That’s why I wanted to continue working in a Canadian context after my return to Germany. My stay in Toronto and my ongoing connection with Canada have inspired professional activities in the transatlantic and international context.” Mück initially worked as a flight dynamics engineer at the Satellite Control Centre of the European Space Agency (ESA). In 2010 he moved to EADS Astrium, part of the present Airbus Group. “Today I work for a German-Russian subsidiary of the Airbus space division where I am responsible for handing satellite launches on Russian carrier rockets for international customers,” he explains. “Technical knowledge does not only play a major role here, but also and above all international experience in handling multicultural project teams, which I was already able to gain early on thanks to the DAAD.”

The foundation for his activity as President of the Canada Meets Germany Network is an initiative of the Canadian Embassy that began in 2002: every year, six German and six Canadian managers from different disciplines received the opportunity to be accepted in the programme Canada Meets Germany – A Forum for Young Leaders. In 2007, Mück explored Germany and Canada together with the previous and following year groups. “The goal of the trips was to meet decision-makers in the host country from the spheres of politics, business, culture, research and the media and develop a long-term transatlantic network,” he says.

When the programme came to an end in 2009, the roughly 70 participants founded the Canada Meets Germany Alumni Forum and continued to promote German-Canadian dialogue with events and conferences. In the meantime the alumni forum has become the Canada Meets Germany Network and thus a forum for everyone who wants to actively contribute to German-Canadian exchange.