Prof. Dr. Mikhail Tsarev

Russian Federation

Auditor and Director of the International Investment Advisory Group EastOne Ltd

DAAD Scholarship 1989

Prof. Dr. Mikhail  Tsarev DAAD

In 1989, Michael Tsarev was one of the first 60 Russian DAAD scholarship holders to come to the Federal Republic of Germany following the signing of the government treaty with Russian head of state Mikhail Gorbachev. At the age of 22 he spent two semesters studying economics and business administration at the University of Passau. He remembers: "I was so happy, it was like a dream. The time of perestroika had just begun. Some of my fellow students had studied in East Germany, but not in West Germany!"

I wanted to get to know the new economics subjects in Germany.
Mikhael Tsarev

He learned from German students how important internships were for a later career. Tsarev found a position with auditors and management consultants KPMG and wrote his Diplom dissertation on the topic of auditing. "There was nothing like that in Russia," he says. Tsarev stayed with the company, working in Munich until 1996. Then, following a short stint in London, he returned home to Moscow, where the auditors had already formed a Russian public limited company in 1992. When he arrived, the company had over 1,650 staff in Moscow and the countries of the CIS.

KPMG annually awards five scholarships under the auspices of the Russia Fund of German Trade and Industry, which funds a programme for Russian economists through the DAAD. Tsarev speaks from personal experience when he says: "These future Russian executives and leaders get to know the German mentality and make personal contacts. These are exactly the people that are needed for the international recognition of Russian companies." He worked hard to contribute to this reputation in his capacity as head of financial consulting at KPMG, before moving to the Board of the international investment advisory group EastOne as director and head of the internal control and audit department in 2011.