Dr. Khouloud Daibes-Abu Dayyeh

Palestinian Territories

Politician, diplomat, Head of the Palestinian Mission in Germany, former Palestinian Minister of Tourism and Archaeology (2007–2012), former Minister of Women’s Affairs (2007–2009)

DAAD Scholarship 1983–1991

Dr. Khouloud  Daibes-Abu Dayyeh Palästinensische Mission Berlin

Khouloud Daibes has cultivated close relations with Germany for many years. Since August 2013 she has headed up the Palestinian Mission in Berlin as Ambassador. “My main duties include maintaining close contact with the Federal Government and German institutions in the fields of education, culture and business,” says Daibes.

Being able to spend several years in Germany again makes me happy.
Khouloud Daibes-Abu Dayyeh

The qualified architect came to Leibniz Universität Hannover in the early 1980s on a DAAD scholarship. She completed her doctorate at Hanover in 1995 with a thesis in the field of monument conservation, namely on Preservation Strategies for the Cultural-Historical Architectural Heritage of Palestine. She was then responsible for the restoration of historical buildings in Bethlehem under the auspices of the UN Development Programme and headed the Institute for Monument Preservation and Urban Planning there. Her work on preserving historical districts in Bethlehem aimed to revive tourism and offer Muslims and Christians an improved infrastructure and better quality of life. Daibes celebrated a major success as Minister of Tourism and Archaeology in 2011 when the UN cultural organisation UNESCO accepted Palestine as a full member. During her term of office from 2007 to 2012, Daibes also considered it an important task to give tourists greater freedom of movement and security. In addition, the Catholic from Beit Jala worked to strengthen ties between Arab and European Christians.

Daibes, who was also a scholarship holder of the Katholischer Akademischer Ausländer-Dienst (Catholic Academic Service for Foreign Students, KAAD) in Germany and acted as a contact person for the DAAD in Israel and Palestine, was pleased to return to Germany: “I very much look forward to being able to spend several years in Germany again,” she said. “As a result of my previous stays, I am well-acquainted with the culture and people here.” Her experience will benefit her in her daily work. “Primarily, it involves developing existing German-Palestinian relations. But establishing new contacts is also important to me.” In addition, as Ambassador she would like to present a comprehensive picture of life in the Palestinian Territories – and who could do that better than Khouloud Daibes?