Scholarships for the best

DAAD/Norbert Hüttermann

The DAAD supports the internationalisation efforts of German institutions of higher education. Here in Germany and abroad, young people are given the opportunity to gain international academic and research experience. The goal is to continue strengthening Germany’s standing as one of the world’s leading host countries for international mobile students.

With increasing globalisation and more people gaining access to higher education than ever before, there is a growing need here in Germany and abroad to offer scholarships to outstanding students and researchers who will later achieve positions of responsibility and remain in steady contact with Germany or their host country. The DAAD offers a wide range of funding programmes which ensure that scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of a demanding, but fair review process, in order to help them study and research successfully.

Mobility with a disability

Mobilität mit Behinderung VorschauIf you are a student or researcher with a disability or chronic illness and would like to study abroad, you probably have many questions. The DAAD will help you find the answers.
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Most foreign DAAD scholarship recipients are master’s students or doctoral candidates. The reason for this funding priority is that graduate students have already proven their academic performance and stand to benefit more from a scholarship than students in their undergraduate phase of study. The DAAD does award scholarships to bachelor’s students, but only to the best graduates of German Schools abroad. By focusing our funding efforts on supporting PhD and master’s students, we are contributing to building a pool of young university instructors abroad and cultivating contacts to the political, business and cultural leaders of tomorrow.

The Artists-in-Berlin Program (BKP)

Berliner Künstlerprogramm VorschauThe BKP is one of the most prestigious international scholarship programmes for artists in the fields of fine arts, literature, music and film.
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