Ready for the Future – The Reorganisation of the DAAD

Michael Jordan

The DAAD has adopted a new strategy to successfully meet the challenges in the dynamic field of international higher education in the coming years. In line with this strategy, we have restructured our internal organisation to address the tasks which lie before us. The new organisational structure entered into effect on 1 January 2015.

What has changed?

We wish to provide our members, sponsors, funding recipients, and our national and international partners with even better service than they have been accustomed to in the past. Our strategic aims are now reflected in the organisation of the DAAD:

  • All of the individual scholarship programmes are now bundled into in a single Scholarships department.
  • The projects department will now oversee all partnership and cooperation programmes, infrastructural higher education funding and transnational education programmes.
  • The new Strategy department is responsible for the ongoing strategic development of the DAAD and for providing expertise in the field of international higher education cooperation.
  • All public relations and marketing activities are now combined in the Communications department.
  • The national agency for eu Higher education Cooperation will continue operating as a separate department.
  • All units will be supported by the Central administration.

What do we hope to achieve?

By restructuring our administrative processes, we are now in a better position to carry out our two core tasks more professionally and efficiently: first, providing scholarships to the best students, graduates, doctoral candidates and researchers, and second, promoting higher education partnerships and infrastructural programmes. As in the past, we have maintained a regional focus of our programmes; both the Scholarships and projects departments include divisions and sections according to geographic region. By achieving a higher degree of standardisation and efficiency in the administration of our programmes, we hope to provide better quality, greater transparency and an even higher degree of satisfaction to our customers.

We draw our specific regional and thematic expertise from our global DAAD network, broad DAAD portfolio and everyday work in international projects. Our reorganisation will now allow us to bundle, share and provide this valuable expertise even more intensively in the future – for the benefit of our members, German universities and their student bodies, and cultural, educational and development policy decision-makers.

Here you can download the flyer which informs about the reorganization of the DAAD.  

Please find here the new organisational chart of the DAAD.