Integration study: Study Preparation and Transition into Regular Degree Programmes


The recently published edition "Information 2: Study Preparation and Transition into Regular Degree Programmes" of the DAAD study series "Integration of Refugees at German Institutions of Higher Education - Report on Higher Education Programmes for Refugees" follows the statistical evaluations of the previous study and gives testimony to the entry of the first refugees into German higher education institutions.

In November 2017, the DAAD published the first issue of a series of studies, which for the first time conveyed evidence-based findings on the target group of refugees in Germany who bring the qualification for and are interested in university study and on the package of measures for language and subject-specific preparation at German universities launched jointly with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Issue 2 of the study extends the findings of the first edition and provides insight into the indirect impact of the DAAD programs "Integra", "Welcome" and "NRWege".
The study is based on statistical data from 2017, which were obtained from the annual reports of the universities and which are based on information on around 10,400 students. For the first time, these database is supported by an online survey of the first Integra participants cohort from 2016. All in all, the study gives full and concise information and shows vividly and clear that a  range of comprehensive preparatory and propaedeutic measures as well as an establishment of course-related measures and personal support consolidates the way into the German higher education system. In addition, the study provides insights into the personal self-assessment of refugees taking part at preparatory courses and their problems of successfully establishing a foothold in the German higher education system.

The edition "Information 2: Study Preparation and Transition into Regular Degree Programmes" is now available for download. The study with its part 1 "Academic Reparation and Access to Higher Education" and with part 2 "Study Preparation and Transition into Regular Degree Programmes" is available for download on our website under "Downloads and Publications" and can be ordered via the online ordering system of the DAAD as the respective print version. To download the german version of the study, pleas switch to language setting "German" on the website. 

The series of studies is implemented by the DAAD in cooperation with the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) in several editions. The third part of the series is planned for autumn 2019.



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