Refugees at universities – Programmes and measures

The DAAD wishes to strengthen the potential of academically qualified refugees and provide them access to higher education in Germany. In collaboration with universities and partner organisations, the DAAD is developing various programmes to promote integration of refugees at German universities.

How the DAAD is helping

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Many refugees have gained university entrance qualification in their home country, or had commenced or completed a degree programme there. In order to make it easier for them to take up study in Germany, the DAAD has developed an extensive range of new measures. An overview of the most important measures.


Funding programme: “Welcome - Students Helping Refugees”

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Students throughout Germany are working to provide refugees a foothold at German universities. The DAAD supports their efforts through the “Welcome - Students Helping Refugees” programme.


Funding programme: “Integrating Refugees in Degree Programmes” (Integra)

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Integrating refugees into academic life poses major challenges to universities. This funding programme supports preparatory language and subject-related instruction in preparatory colleges (Studienkollegs) and comparable university programmes.


TestAS, uni-assist and onSET for Refugees

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By waiving examination and processing fees for TestAS, uni-assist and the online assessment test onSET-Deutsch and onSET-English, the DAAD has taken important steps towards successfully integrating refugees in Germany’s higher education system.


Funding programme: "NRWege ins Studium"


In the last two years, North Rhine-Westphalia has welcomed a large number of refugees. There are many amongst them who want to study and have the skills and qualifications. The funding programme enables NRW universities to offer study guidance for refugees and German language courses in preparation for as well as during studies.

HOPES - Higher and Further Education Opportunities and Perspectives for Syrians


Funded by the European Union’s Madad Fund, the HOPES project addresses Syrian refugee students in the countries Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey. In addition, limited support through scholarships is provided to students from the host countries.


Downloads and publications


The DAAD offers a wide range of publications on “Refugees at Universities” targeted at university representatives, multipliers and interested citizens. (in German only)


DAAD Aktuell

Higher education programme for refugees: The future after flight

The DAAD has been supporting universities with the integration of refugee students by means of several programmes for one year now. The feedback reported by project leaders in a first review in Bonn is very positive.

Exceed conference: flight and migration in the field of a global network

With the "exceed" program, the DAAD is funding academic excellence and international cooperation in exceptional dimensions through funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Conference at the German Studies Centre of Peking University: Chinese-German perspectives regarding flight and migration

The topics of the big annual conference at the German Studies Centre of Peking University in 2016 focussed on flight, migration and integration.

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