Campaign #MovingEurope

Michael Jordan / DAAD

With the campaign #MovingEurope, we wanted to show our support for Europe!

As the organisation that has been in charge of the successful Erasmus exchange programme for the past 30 years and whose mission is to promote intercultural understanding, we launched a DAAD-wide campaign focusing on the theme of “Europe”. The #MovingEurope social media campaign was part of this.

With #MovingEurope, we wanted to remind people of the many achievements that have been made, including the safeguarding of human rights, democracy, peace, the rule of law, solidarity, mutual understanding and respect for other cultures. It was important to us to stand in support of these valuable accomplishments. We also wanted to make young voters aware, or remind them, of these European values,which should not be taken for granted and should be openly acknowledged.

Social media campaign

The campaign took place on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. People were invited to join in and post photos or videos with the hashtag #MovingEurope. Other people were then tagged and actively encouraged to participate, with the aim of spreading the campaign and getting as many participants involved as possible.

The campaign was very successful and hundreds of institutions, companies, universities and individuals joined in to demonstrate their support for Europe and show their opposition to anti-European trends in Germany and neighbouring countries.

Over 1,000 messages were posted on the campaign’s specially created Twitter wall.
Here are a few of them:

#Europa bewegen - Post DFH

#Europa bewegen - Post BMAS
#Europa bewegen - Post Campus Cat
#Europa bewegen - Post German Embassy
#Europa bewegen - Post La France
#Europa bewegen - Post International Office
#Europa bewegen - Post U Potsdam

More information on #MovingEurope

“Wir wollen für Europa begeistern” – Interview with Dr Michael Harms, Head of Communications at the DAAD

Information on the DAAD’s activities

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