Campaign #MovingEurope

Michael Jordan / DAAD

​Thank you for taking an interest in our campaign #MovingEurope – we hope we can get you to join!

Background Information

As an organisation which has been in charge of the prolific exchange programme “Erasmus” for 30 years now, and whose mission is to promote intercultural understanding, we would like to take a stand for Europe! We aim to make people actively aware again of the many positive European values that have shaped our society and that are so vital to our life. We especially mean the following, but you might have your own personal reasons to support Europe:

  • Protection of Human Rights
  • Democracy
  • Peace
  • Constitutionality
  • Solidarity and mutual support
  • Respect towards other cultures
  • Free Movement of people
  • Schengen Agreement

The DAAD supports Europe in different projects und several places around Europe. Here you will find further information:

Here is how it works

#MovingEurope is easy!

  1. Post a picture or a video based on the theme #MovingEurope on your social media profile or page (e.g. on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….).
  2. Add the hashtags #Europabewegen and #MovingEurope: The hashtag connects all the contributions and your post can easily be traced.
  3. Tag at least three of your friends and encourage them to participate (e.g. “I nominate @Petra Müller, @Pam Turner, and @Andrea Vincenzo).
  4. Don’t forget to include the rules into the post:

    Poste dein Foto/Video zu #Europabewegen in deinem Profil; vergiss nicht, diesen Text zu kopieren; nominiere mindestens drei weitere Personen!
    Post your #MovingEurope picture/video on your profile. Don’t forget to copy this text, and to tag and nominate at least three other people to do the same!

  5. Write down the reason why you are #MovingEurope, for example:

    #MovingEurope, because team spirit is important!
    #MovingEurope for the next generation!

    The posts also work without a statement, you can simply post your picture/video, add the hashtags and thus show your friends you are supporting Europe. Your post can be funny, athletic, cute, serious, etc. It can portrait you alone, with your friends, co-workers, family, pets, well, you name it! Just be creative and have fun with it!

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