“The big challenges facing society can only be solved through international cooperation”

DAAD/Thilo Vogel

The keyword “Third Mission” is doing the rounds. The argument is that, in addition to research and teaching, universities have a social responsibility for society. The German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD is currently investigating how universities can take this responsibility into account in their internationalisation initiatives. General Secretary Dr. Dorothea Rüland and Director of Studies Uwe Brandenburg, PhD., talk about the contents and aims of the study.


Strengthening the labour market-oriented and employability approach of HEIs in Africa - Entrepreneurial Universities in Africa (EpU)


Starting in 2018, the DAAD supports labour market and employability orientation of HEIs in Africa – “Entrepreneurial Universities in Africa” (EpU).


EU project SHARE: DAAD expertise for Southeast Asia

Marc Wilde and Michael Hörig DAAD/Thomas Pankau

Initiated in 2015 and receiving ten million euros worth of European Union funding up until the beginning of 2019, the project SHARE aims to support harmonisation of the Southeast Asian higher education area – a second project phase is conceivable. An interview with DAAD experts Michael Hörig, Head of the Strategic Planning Division, and Marc Wilde, Head of the Section for Higher Education Management in Development Cooperation.


Centres of Excellence for Africa’s future

participants of the network meeting of the Centres of African Excellence DAAD/Andreas Paasch

On the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of the Centres of African Excellence initiative by the Federal Foreign Office and the DAAD, a large network meeting was held in Berlin. The South African Minister of Higher Education Naledi Pandor spoke of the ten Centres of Excellence with different orientations as a “foundation of enormous benefit”. The centres make it possible to train the future leaders of society, academia and business.


The Himalayas: an enclave between tradition and modernity

breath-taking vastness: view of Spiti Valley Abhimanyu Pandey

Indian anthropologist Abhimanyu Pandey is researching how connectivity to roads and electronic media is transforming a remote community in the Himalayas. He is writing his doctoral thesis at the University of Heidelberg as a DAAD scholarship holder.