Finden Sie Ihren passenden Studiengang aus über 21.000 Angeboten im Hochschulkompass der Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (HRK).

Finden Sie Ihren passenden Studiengang aus über 21.000 Angeboten.

BSBA/Digital Enterprise ManagementVollzeitstudium

  • Bachelor of Science


  • 7 Semester


  • Pforzheim


  • abgelaufen (Nicht EU)

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Zulassung nur im Wintersemester

  • Betriebswirtschaftslehre
  • Technologiemanagement

Digital Business Models, Digital Business Processes, Web Technologies, Big Data Management, Digital Business Applications, E-Commerce, E-Procurement, Programming

Anmerkung zum Studiengang

For the architects of tomorrow's digital business world Digitalization is unstoppable and will change business models, work processes and the way we live together at least as much as the invention of printing with moveable types. Society and companies therefore urgently need women and men to support them in the digital transformation. The prosperity of all of us, but also the respect of ethical principles are at stake.


hochschuleigenes Zulassungsverfahren

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The awarding of study places is done by a specific state regulation: Hochschulvergabe-verordnung (HVVO). The study program Betriebswirtschaft/Digital Enterprise Management is a program that specifically focuses on foreign applicants whose lectures will largely be held in English. The program leads to conventional Bachelor of Science degree overseas. Therefore the quota for foreign nationals has been increased to 53%. Of the study places that remain for German applicants or foreign nationals who are equally tretated to Germans, 90% will be awarded according to the selection results and 10% after the waiting time. Second study applicants will be admitted for a separate quota. Passing the entrance examination to determine the specific scholastic ability for the study program BSBA/Digital Enterprise Management is a prerequisite for admission consideration. If a valid university entrance and English language skills are demonstrated, the pre-selection (first stage) follows after evaluation of the university entrance qualification. The preliminary determination of the specific scholastic ability (ranking) is based on the grade point average in the university entrance qualification. The ranking decides which applicants will be invited for an interview (second stage). The selection interview is conducted in English and takes place in person or by use of sound and image transmitting methods (videoconference systems), especially for applicants who are abroad at the time of the interview. The interview is usually conducted in a four-week period after the application deadline at Hochschule Pforzheim. The applicants will be invited in time for an interview by Hochschule Pforzheim. The selection interview is evaluated according to the following criteria: - Study motivation (20%) - Social skills (20%) - Capabilty to present (20%) - Study relevant language skills (as a result of the interview) (20%) - analytical thinking (20%) If you achieve a score of at least 4.0 at the interview, you have passed the test and can be taken into consideration for the admission process. The grade essential for the selection process is calculated 50% from the grade of the pre-selection process and of the selection interview.


Wintersemester (2020/2021)
  • Fristen für International Studierende aus der Europäischen Union

    Abgelaufen (Hochschulweite Frist)

    siehe Bewerbungsfristen für Studienanfänger

  • Fristen für International Studierende aus Staaten, die nicht Mitglieder der EU sind


  • Bewerbungsfrist Deutsche und Bildungsinländer

    Abgelaufen (Hochschulweite Frist)




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