PRIME Fellows 2019/20

Fellowship holders 2019/20

application: August 2019
selection: February 2020
funding: 2020-2021

The list will be continuously updated to include the profiles of all fellows of the 2019/20 selection cycle. You can search the entire website for any terms using the search function Strg + F.

Social Sciences and Humanities

Life Sciences

Natural Sciences


  • Field of research:
    Harnessing good quality freshwater from water harvesting strategies

    Research interests:
    Water harvesting strategies; Application of photocatalysis; Surface wettability modifications; Bio-sensing; Energy systems

    Planned research project:
    Rational nanoengineering of fog harvesting meshes with intrinsic water purification functionality"

    Freshwater harvesting; Photocatalysis; Anti-biofouling; Dual functionalization; Nanoengineering; Water purification

    German host institutions:
    Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
    Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

    Host institution during the mobility phase:
    ETH Zurich, Switzerland


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