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The application portal at the website of uni-assist

Reading about how to apply for the Master, I soon realized that I was probably going to apply via uni-assist. Uni-assist is a German service that assists international students while applying for a university program in Germany. Not all German universities use uni-assist, but many do. So if you are a foreign student, have earned your previous degree outside Germany and are going to apply for a program there, it’s likely that you’re going to apply via uni-assist and not to the university directly. The best thing is always to check in the university website whether that’s the case for you or not.

Uni-assist reviews each application and checks if it meets the prerequisites of the universities, but the universities decide whether a candidate is admitted or not.

On the website of uni-assist you will find a number of sections. At “applicant’s data” you will provide information about yourself and your previous education which later will be used automatically for all your applications. At “applications” you will choose the programs for which you want to apply, submit your applications and check the status of those you have already submitted. At “documents” you’ll be able to upload documents for the applications and check the ones you have sent. At “priorities” you’ll be able to arrange your applications in order of preference, see your chances for admission in the universities you have chosen and indicate, after the application process, the university at which you have enrolled.

Also at the website you will find more details about uni-assist itself, the application process, costs and application fees, the delivery and results of applications and so on.

Uni-assist is a great service because it allows students to work their applications in a secure way with the least possible worries. When applying as a foreign student it can be an added worry, besides preparing all the documents and the application itself, not being familiar with the details of the process. It’s great that with uni-assist students can be free from this worry and able to focus more on everything else that’s required for their application.


A very useful article.Thanks all.

Comment by Sezen Asiltürk verfasst 27. June 2011 um 09:40

hi , i’m a suppliant from iran , i have several question about reception .
i have bachelor of computer engineering from azad university and i want to apply for master .
in highschool education i have computer diploma but i don’t have pre-university certificate because i educated in technical school and student in this system get diploma without passing pre-university .
with this condition , can i apply for germany ?

thanks with the best regard .

Comment by fredy verfasst 27. June 2011 um 11:59

Dear fredy,

I can’t say for sure because I’m no expert, but I’ll tell you from what I’ve learned so far in my case.
All the Master’s programs which I have seen only mention that a bachelor or undergraduate certificate is necessary, I have never seen one mention that a pre-university certificate would be necessary, so I don’t think you should worry.

In any case, I think you should ask the university you want to apply to about this. They generally have an info service or the admissions office will be able to advise you. This can generally be done via e-mail.

I hope this helps and that you solve all your doubts!

All the best,


Comment by Raoni Duran verfasst 27. June 2011 um 16:02

Hello Sir,
I want study in Bsc engineering in German. So i want DAAD scholarships.
How can apply for it.
Please answere me.

Comment by Shupen verfasst 16. July 2011 um 13:14

Dear Shupen,
please check our scholarship database to find matching funding opportunities for yourself:
Best from Bonn,
Your daadblog-team

Comment by Redaktion verfasst 18. July 2011 um 08:08

my question is how to know if got the admission to Kiel University of Applied Sciences / University of Applied Sciences Flensburg: Wind Engineering (Master of Science)
and i didn`t pay the fees and i already paid and i didn`t get the admission do i get a refundß

Comment by ayman verfasst 20. July 2011 um 00:13

Dear sir, i m subash Bidari from Nepal.i had completed my bachelor in travel and tourism management from Tribhuvan university affiliated. I want to study Master in sustainable Tourism or Eco Tourism in DAAD university. For this i want to know what is my requirement to get admission. I am waiting for your further response…..
thank you,

Comment by Subash Bidari verfasst 4. August 2011 um 13:43

Hi thanks for giving me such a mean full info about uni assists your data is really helpful
i really like it

Comment by Adil verfasst 5. December 2011 um 15:08

i would wish to apply in one the university,could u kindly describe how to apply in to one of the schools

Comment by WILLIAM BILLE TOHNYA verfasst 27. December 2011 um 15:06

Dear William,
before you can apply anywhere you should first of all search our database for international programmes to find your favourite course and university:
Also check our website: for more information.
Best from Bonn and happy 2012,

Comment by Redaktion verfasst 30. December 2011 um 12:30

how to apply in you’r College tel me about some thing.

Comment by Aqdas Raza verfasst 15. May 2012 um 08:34

how can i apply for college?

Comment by Aqdas Raza verfasst 15. May 2012 um 08:42

Hi, my name is Daryl from India and I looking forward towards Berlin School of Economics and Law, for Masters in International Human Resource Management. I have submitted the documents through courier and also paid the application fee. Its been more than 2weeks and I havent recieved any response from them whether they have received the documents or not. I am quite worried about the same. Could you please help as to how many days do they usually take inorder for informing whether they have received the application or not.
Or should I again resend my application from India. Your response would really help me.

Comment by Daryl Vaz verfasst 24. May 2012 um 08:50

Dear Sir,

Subject: Prayer for admission

I have been completed Civil Engineering from Stamford University in Bangladesh. Now I want to higher education from your university. I want to admit in Master of Science in Natural Hazards and Risks in Structural Engineering next winter semester Season. How I can admit to your university? Please give me information about your university admission process. Here I attached my certificates and others needable papers.

Yours Sincerely

Mohd. Tayabur Rahman (Tayab)
Department of Civil Engineering
Stamford University Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Comment by Tayabur Rahman verfasst 21. September 2012 um 07:53

Dear sir,
please can any one help me i am student of medicine in china zhengzhou university i have finished my first year in china i start my second year newly but i want to study in germany so please can any one help out in this case …..

Comment by yasin verfasst 15. October 2012 um 01:08

I finished high school American system in Qatar and I want to study dentist,kindly would you help me all steps for studying in Germany
Thank very much for your cooperation

Comment by Kamal eter verfasst 5. November 2012 um 08:42

Dear sir,
I am from Bangladesh. I have completed B.Sc in Textile Engineering ( Honours, in English medium ). Now I want to admit in Hochschul Neiderhein university for master’s program. I have already sent my all document to the university. They informed me that I have to apply through uni assist. what can I do now now ? what is the procedure to apply here.

Comment by Muhammadullah Shafi verfasst 19. February 2013 um 04:09

Dear Sir / madam,

I need to pay uni assist application fees by using credit card. Isn’t there a system
Of online credit card Payment ? Because As per information given on uni assist
website for credit card payment i will have enter all my credit card details
On credit card form ( given on the website) and send the form to uni assist .

Isn’t it very risky ? With all details of credit card anybody can misuse the details ?
Could you please provide the option of online payment by credit card so that risk of
Revealing all credit card details will be eliminated ? And also fees will be directly
Transferred into uni assist account.

Please suggest the right solution . As many applicants may not be having
International bank account to directly transfer the fees in uni assist bank account.


Comment by Rajesh verfasst 5. May 2013 um 19:42

i am rahul from india wanna to ms in electrical engineering from germany,but my problem is that my name is only rahul as i dont have surname ahead of my name,will my form will be accepted by german universities if i apply to them….

Comment by rahul verfasst 30. June 2013 um 06:57

Hello sir,

Sir, i’ve completed MBBS(Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery) from Weifang Medical College, Weifang, China; in 2009.There after i’ve done my compulsory 1year rotational internship in my home country Nepal. Since last 3years, i’m working as Medical officer. I’ve recieved my experience as Medical doctor.
Now i’m learning german language at B1 level at Goethe zentrum, Kathmandu, Nepal. My German language skill is gut.I’m permanent citizen of Nepal.I’m 31 years old.

I want to join good university in Germany for Medical Residency Training in Radiology. do you any idea? During my training, can i recieve stipend or not? if yes then how much per month?
Besides that i want to continue my german language B2 over there?

How can i proceed? Can you please write me in detail with all criteria? I do not want to go to Consultancy, it charge alot. I hope, you’ll give me a favor. After your suggestion i’ll forward my documents to the university either through email or through post.Thank you.

Comment by shyam prasad shah verfasst 23. September 2013 um 08:29

Sir, I am Harsh from India.
I have Diploma in Computer Engineering and pursuing B Tech from a private college here in Delhi. I want to move to Germany and get this Bachelor’s degree done from there only. But, I don’t want to waste this one year that I have already done here in my current college. Is there any way I can enroll into third year of the same course??? If so, please help me out Sir. I would me more than grateful to you.

Comment by Harsh verfasst 18. February 2014 um 10:27

I have been reading your posts regularly. I need to say that you are doing a fantastic job. Please keep up the great work…..

Comment by Btech in Nepal verfasst 3. March 2014 um 07:29

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