Alexander Araya

Hi, I’m Alexander Araya, born in 1980 and a Costa Rican sociologist. I am an observer. I look at things, people, moments and behaviors. Passionate about photography since I was child, I have always been interested on the visual experiences of life .I was born in San José.Formed as a sociologist, I have been teaching about communication and mass media at the Universidad de Costa Rica. My reason to be in Germany is to study a PhD in Sociology at the Lateinamerika Institut at the Freie Universität Berlin. My research focuses on the relation of youth cultures, social stigma and public spaces. Graffiti, parkour, capoeira, skateboarding and all contemporary juvenile collectives help to keep cities alive. At least, that is my point of view. On the sociological level, these groups could be considered as social or political actors that confront society and challenge social order with their particular ideologies.

Back in Costa Rica, I used to have a radio show about art and culture. I love all manifestations of human creativity. I am also addicted to languages: Deutsch, português, italiano, englishI would like to speak them all. Music is also something wonderful to me: industrial, opera, ska, trip hop, jazz, samba, rock… I like to run, to walk through the streets, to relax on the beach, to kill kings in chess, to get a lucky hand at poker, to have a nice conversation… Moreover, I am interested on social and environmental causes, especially those regarding to global warming and cultural struggles. I believe in social change and the strength of collective will. I do not know if I am a dreamer, as Lennon said, but I am trying to do my part. That is why I am sharing my ideas in this blog.