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The "Centro de Ensino de Línguas" at Unicamp

When I decided that I wanted to study in Germany I used to spend a lot of time thinking about what I could do so I could make it happen. Of all the ideas I had, I started following some that I believed would take me in that direction. I studied harder and with more interest, I looked for information about Masters in Germany and I talked to people who had lived or studied there, hoping they would give me some hints. But, despite doing all these things felt right and made me hopeful, somehow I still couldn’t feel they were actually creating something concrete.

One day I was going to German class riding my bike and I noticed I was feeling good. Then I remembered I always felt like this when I was going to class or in the class itself. I noticed that, even though I still wasn’t sure how much I would need to learn the language, this was the only time I felt I was really doing something that made me come closer to what I wanted.

That’s when it became clear to me that I needed to devote myself especially to learning German. I started with what I was already doing, taking classes in my University, at the Centro de Ensino de Línguas (Center for Language Teaching), at Unicamp. They have a great German program there and the teachers are very good.

I studied there for four semesters, until I realized that I needed to move faster, so in July last year I joined an intensive course at a private school. From there I moved to taking classes with a teacher and a friend and early this year I began taking private classes, which I intend to keep doing until at least next year.

During all this time it’s been very interesting to get to know all the people I met in the different courses, to experiment with different ways of learning and to notice how learning a language changes even while you are still doing it. Of course there’s still a lot to learn, but the good thing is I still keep having that good feeling.

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